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Human Resources Online On Boarding Process


Current Onboarding Process  After job is offered to the best candidate and job requisition is closed, the HR Representative is notified through a PAR or EDB TRF.  On Boarding letter is sent either by HR Representative or On Boarding Coordinator containing instructions and links to new hire documents.  New hire or Rehire is asked to complete HIPAA quiz online

beforehand and to print the Confidentiality Statement along with all other new hire documents. He/she is asked to bring all completed documents to scheduled new hire processing session where it will be reviewed.


Current Onboarding Process  Supporting documents for payroll and accreditation purposes are

collected and copied.  Basic payroll and benefit and retirement savings programs are discussed and questions answered.


New Online On Boarding Process  We are currently testing an online on boarding system from Greentree.  Incoming new hires and rehires will receive an e-mail directly

from Greentree On Boarding instructing them to create their own password. Thereafter, they will receive a welcome e-mail with the forms they can complete prior to attending our new hire processing session.

Employee will only need to print 3 forms: the Confidentiality Statement, I-9 and Oath and Patent Acknowledgement.


Benefits A checklist is available online for the HR Representative to view prospective employee’s progress in completing their forms.

Forms completed can be reviewed online by HR Representative, allowing errors to be corrected before attending new hire processing session.

Less time spent on reviewing forms during face to face on boarding meeting.

Forms are stored electronically and can be accessed when needed.


Rollout Schedule  January 15, 2012 – February 29, 2012 - system will be piloted on Nursing new grads  March 1, 2012 – system will be rolled out to RRMC, SMH, NPH and FPG


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