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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Business, Management, Sales
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Why it pays to specialise your business

Burt Baptiste, Talent2 | 25 March 2014

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What is the key to specialisation? By sector / segment / vertical HR

Sales & Marketing


Accounting & Finance


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How do you specialise? Perm vs. Contract HIGH end, MEDIUM end, LOW end of the market

Retained Search / Executive Search

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At Allegis our core is...


in our

people © 2014


Agenda » History & overview of Talent2

» History & overview of Allegis Group » A little about my story » What / how do you focus (specialise) on your people

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The road to Talent2 Founders Geoff Morgan and Andrew Banks have 40 yrs

combined experience Morgan & Banks – 1985

In early 2002, the employment market was changing

Companies needed to find new ways of hiring and managing talent

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Which led to... Geoff and Andrew joining forces with an Australian HRIS and Payroll software company to create a

new recruitment and HR outsourcing venture in 2003 With that, Talent2 was launched as the

first HR BPO in APAC © 2014


Over the last 10 years Talent2 grew to... Offices in 18 countries Providing services in 31 countries, in 31 languages 1,700+ people #1 RPO in Asia #2 Payroll in Asia #3 Learning in Asia End-to-end talent management company | RECRUITMENT | PAYROLL | LEARNING

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Piecing the global puzzle together

» In 2012, Allegis Group and Talent2 Group formalised the relationship via a Joint Venture

Allegis footprint

Talent2 footprint

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Allegis Group... It all started with 2 people in a basement who wanted to build a business with a vision of

“striving for excellence through serving others”

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My company, my story Regional Managing Director Talent2 Vice President Aerotek

Director (10 years) Aerotek Recruiter Aerotek

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How specialisation has kept me here for 18 years » 3 month marker moment – how they took care of me

» Career development received along the way » Once I was identified as a HIPO I always had a professional mentor within the company » Always challenged to do more » By focusing on our people it’s clear who we want in and who we want out of the organisation

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What does it mean to truly

SPECIALISE or focus on your people?

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It’s beyond......

Compensation Benefits

Promotions Long Term Equity

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It’s about... career development Do they have EXPOSURE to the MD or CEO? Can you say that every HIPO has a CAREER PLAN, 1/3/5 yrs?

Do people receive critical and honest FEEDBACK (the best want to get better)? Do they receive STRETCH ASSIGNMENTS where they see how they are developing?

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It’s about... their personal development Do you know them as INDIVIDUALS? Do you know their BELIEF SYSTEMS? What are their HOPES and DREAMS, house, car, family members? Why did they REALLY GET OUT OF BED today...

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It’s about... mobility (what's next) Notice I did not say upward mobility? How LONG can / do they want to do the same job? Where do they WANT TO LIVE? Can they LEARN another skill? (cross training)

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It’s about... a mutually beneficial relationship

MATCHING the individuals GOALS with the business goals...this must align This doesn't mean it can’t ebb and flow but as leaders we must monitor this. When it’s not a match, if handled well the exit can be more profitable than the existing relationship.

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What you can do starting March 25th... Devote at least 30% of your time to these activities

Make sure that you engage in 1 on 1 sessions with someone everyday

Quick Wins... Depending on your status, a 5 mins call can be more powerful than an expensive dinner “People don’t care about how much you know... Unless they know how much you CARE!”

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