OVW - Tribal Sexual Assault Program Overview

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Psychology, Forensic Psychology
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Tribal Sexual Assault Services Program An Overview

Tribal SASP: Purpose 

To provide direct intervention services and related assistance to victims of sexual violence and others collaterally affected Direct victims of sexual violence at any age, including children, youth, adult, and seniors 

 

Assault could have happened recently or many years ago. There is no time limit.

Those collaterally affected including significant others, family, loved ones, co-workers, neighbors, etc. Perpetrators of sexual violence can NOT be served with Tribal SASP funds.

Tribal SASP: Services 

Direct intervention and related assistance includes:  Crisis

intervention; hotline; advocacy services; accompaniment (to hospital, criminal/civil legal process, other social services agencies, etc.); support groups; individual short term counseling (up to 1 year); traditional methods of healing; other services as appropriate.

Tribal SASP: Unallowable Activities 

Criminal justice related activities  Forensic

Nurse programs or paying for a sexual assault exam; writing of criminal code, paying for law enforcement officers or prosecutors; etc.

Prevention Efforts  Training 

Tribal SASP: Outreach While prevention is NOT allowable, it is OK to conduct community outreach.  Outreach is focused on making the community aware of available sexual assault services provided by the particular agency. 

 Advertising

services and contact information; a booth at a community event, etc.

Tribal SASP: Training Allowable: training that is directly related to enhancing the sexual assault services agency staff (who are supported by SASP dollars) to provide better direct services to victims.  Unallowable: training of other professionals/organizations who may encounter a sexual assault survivor. 

Questions 

Please contact Melissa Schmisek if you have any questions about the Tribal SASP Grant Program  Direct

line: 202-305-1271  [email protected]

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