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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Biology, Ecology
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Internship Design Industrial

Since his creation in 1976, Oxylane has always shown a clear ambition: « Render accessible to the largest number the benefits & pleasure of sport ». This willingness is expressed worldwide, in more than 25 countries & thanks to more than 50000 collaborators of the group. Oxylane has become the European leader in the distribution, design & production of sports products. Internship Description Mknix is the brand of the Oxylane group that develops sports products and components (bicycles, fitness equipment, golf equipment,…). Mknix works to make his products easy, reliable & accessible to the largest number. Based at the brand design and development centre you shall work on the creation of an innovative sports product. The internship shall be for a duration of 6 months minimum starting at the beginning of 2012. The profile Master Student in Industrial Design with a taste for the creation of innovative functions. Passionate for sport and the creation of innovate products Outgoing and capable of working with different profiles in a workgroup environment. Dynamic & capable of defending convictions Competences: 3D CAD (Seimens NX, Rhino….) 2D illustration (Adobe Illustrator…) Engineering competences Creativity & Innovation methods Strong sketching skills Manual prototyping skills

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