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Welcome to the Year Five Parent Information Evening 2nd February 2015

Miss Anna Young Miss Nikki Scott Mrs Sarah Toon

A Prayer for Parents…. In Praise of Children Lord, you have made your children as varied as the flowers of a garden. You have blessed each one uniquely. And each fragile, growing child is infinitely precious in your sight. You have trusted us to nurture them. And blessed us with the joy of seeing them grow. Lord, we teach them in reverence. Amen.

Religion The four strands which will be covered are:  Morality  Liturgy and Prayer  Beliefs  Scripture 

This term, we will be covering a unit about acting justly.

In this unit, students will explore social justice and what it looks like. They will also research what the Church is doing to reach out to people in need. This will be followed by our unit “Lent” during the second part of the term.

Prayer Assemblies and Liturgies 

Assembly  

5S- Thursday, Week 5 5T- Thursday, Week 8

Liturgy  

5Y- Friday, Week 7 5S- Stations of the Cross, Week 10

Australian Curriculum – English Strands   

Language Literacy Literature

Can also be viewed as:  Reading  Viewing  Writing  Speaking  Listening

Literacy TEXT TYPE WRITING:  Informative Brochure  Letter of Complaint (Persuasive Writing) (These samples of writing are collected for assessment and placed in the children’s folios) SPELLING:  Spelling – ‘Spelling Rules’ Text Book  Instructional way of spelling and teaches strategies to assist students to become independent, confident spellers

Literacy READING  Reading Stamina  Guided Reading which is part of our Literacy Block  Comprehension - ‘Reading Comprehension’ Text Book

Australian Curriculum – English Assessment 

Each assessment piece will be introduced with a criteria sheet to outline the task. We will then break the requirements down during class time and create a draft and the final product.

Each text type and assessment piece will be explained and taught at school.

The teacher will model an example of the text types taught during class and this model will be given to students to use as a guide. A criteria sheet will also be attached for students to gauge the standards required for each level.

Mathematics Our major areas in Mathematics this term are: Number and Algebra  Number and place value, fractions and decimals, patterns and algebra Measurement and Geometry  Units of measurement, shape (3D and 2D), location and transformation (looking at grids, flip, slides and turns)  Symmetry  Angles  Time (12hr and 24hr time systems) Statistics and Probability  Chance experiments  Recognising probability  Interpreting data (data graphs and dot plot tables) Textbooks- Maths Plus supplements school based scope and sequence chart and what is being taught in class, developmentally sequential textbook

Inquiry Learning 

Inquiry based learning starts by posing questions, problems or scenarios, rather than simply presenting established facts or providing a smooth path to knowledge.

This type of learning is a major focus within the Learning Areas of Science, History and Geography.

Science We are using the Primary Connections Program.

Term One – ‘Light Fantastic’ 

Students explain everyday phenomena associated with the transfer of light.

Students discuss how scientific developments have affected people’s lives and how science knowledge develops from many people’s contributions.

Students follow instructions to pose questions for investigation, predict what might happen when variables are changed, and plan investigation methods.

Inquiry Activity -

An example of investigative learning.

History Term 1 Unit – ‘Colonial Australia in the 1800s’ 

To develop and promote an interest and understanding of Australian people and the significance of their beliefs and culture.

To provide students with the opportunity to learn about the settlement of Australia.

Students will be going on an excursion to Rainworth Fort and the Heritage Village this term to consolidate their knowledge of Early settlement.

Geography Term 1 Unit – ‘Europe and North America – Exploring how people and places affect one another.’ 

Students develop an understanding of the location of Europe and North America in relation to Australia.

Students are provided with the opportunity to learn and research about certain countries within these continents.

Arts The Arts covers five strands: Music, Drama, Visual Arts, Dance and Media Arts. The classroom teachers will address the areas of Visual Arts, Dance, Drama and Media Arts throughout the year.

Health and Physical Education Our Physical Education specialist, Mr Russell Smith, will be working with your children. This term they are participating in swimming lessons. 

  

Swimming includes stroke development, water based games and water safety.

5T – Monday (Morning Session) 5S – Tuesday (Morning Session) 5Y – Monday (Afternoon Session)

Instrumental Music Program 

Mrs Roslyn Horsfall, will be teaching instrumental music for students in year 4 – 6 who wish to learn to play an instrument.

Stephanie Quinlan will be teaching the school music program for 30 minutes each week.

5S – Friday (Afternoon Session) 5T – Tuesday (Morning Session) 5Y – Friday (Morning Session)

 

Computer Studies Once a fortnight students will participate in Computer Studies held in the computer lab. These lessons are taught by Mr Max Martin.   

5T – Wednesday (even weeks) 5S – Wednesday (even weeks) 5Y – Tuesday (even weeks)

Thinker’s Keys 

BAR activity

School Diaries 

Diaries are being utilised by students throughout the school year to develop their organisational skills.   

Prepare the students for the routine of high school. Simple organisational skills. Time management. Communication to parents.

It is important for the students to take their diaries home on a daily basis and ensure that they are accessed easily at school every day.

School Rules Behavioural Expectations of St Patrick’s School Students Year Five:  We will treat all people with respect, consideration and courtesy in the way we act.  We will respond promptly and pleasantly to requests and directions by those in authority.  We will maintain pride in ourselves by keeping our uniforms, our rooms and our grounds tidy and attractive.  We will use the school resources and equipment carefully and responsibly.

Reporting REPORT CARDS  At the end of Term Two and Term Four report cards are sent home which show both effort and academic results.  Parent / Teacher interviews: Beginning of Term Two. FOLIOS  Each child has a school folio where all Assessment and Reporting Documents are kept.  These folios are confidential and can be viewed during Parent / Teacher Interviews.

Homework Expectations 

Homework is to be completed and handed in by Thursday. Spelling tests are conducted each Friday and homework is handed out.

Neat and accurate work.

We use the Ian Lillico Homework grid.

Homework 

Students receive 12 spelling words. Students complete the compulsory and at least 3 optional activities.

Class Page 

Year 5 NAPLAN Test 

The National Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 Literacy and Numeracy Testing will be held on May 12th to the 14th May (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)

Purpose of this testing:  To collect data from the 3, 5 and 7 students across Australia and report this information back to parents and schools.  Assess all students against national benchmark standards.

Year 5 Camp 

Year 5 Camp will be held at ‘Camp Fairbairn Outdoor Education Centre ’, from 26th to 29th July 2015.

Three night camp with 3.5 days of activities.

The students and staff will be accommodated in tents.

This excursion will include low ropes, canoeing, possum swing, tree climbing, bouldering (rock climbing) and many more team building activities.

Support Personnel 

Learning Support Teachers- Mrs Donna Clarke

Teacher Assistants provide support for children in the classroom.

School Counsellor- Miss Paula Scanlan

Library Coordinator- Mrs Shelly Baker

ESL Teacher – Mrs Liz McDine

Conclusion In closing, we would like to thank you for taking the time tonight to join us and we look forward to a successful 2015 with your children.

If you have any concerns or issues that you would like to raise with us please feel free to make an appointment.

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