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January 17, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Performing Arts, Drama
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What HEIs can bring to the party

Peter Tymms Durham University

Outline • • • • •

Comments from course leaders CPD including Masters, EdD and PhDs Linking research to the classroom Involving modern technology New initiatives, new ideas and new findings

David Waugh (PGCE primary) I think a crucial element of our training, which is not replicated where student teachers are dotted about in school-based providers, is the cohort. Our students work together; share common experiences; offer mutual support; learn from each other; share expertise; have friends etc.

Ros Roberts (PGCE secondary) I think that the support that our students get from dedicated staff (whose prime focus is on the ITE students, not on the pupils which is where school colleagues’ primary responsibility is) is another significant factor in the experience of the students and leads to their success.

CPD, Masters, EdDs and PhDs • How much time is need to change ways of teaching? • Joyce and Sowers; Adey and Hewitt • Thirty hours

The Durham T&L Conference 1. Critical and philosophical approaches

Richard Smith, Andrew Davies Happiness Constructivism

2. Science and mathematics

3. Intercultural education

Maths Science Lynn Newton, Ros Roberts, Anna Gender Llewellyn Prue Holmes Intercultural

4. Psychological perspectives and issues

Self-efficacy JoegElliott, Julie Rattray, JimSEN Ridgway, Rosie Ridgway

5. Technology Enhanced Learning

Alan Walker-Gleaves Digital natives

6. Arts, drama and music education, curriculum practice

7. Assessment, Evaluation and Effectiveness

Creativity Identity and culture Sophie Ward, Martin Richardson, Don Language Salter, DavidPhonics Waugh, Karen Lowing, Language Helen Burns Art & meta cognition

SES Coe, Carole Rob Torgerson, Wall, Systematic Rs Kate Pupils’ voice Christine Merrell ADHD

Involving modern technology • Enhanced classroom observation • Real time coaching • Computer adaptive assessments

Subject pedagogical knowledge • Van Driel, J. H. and A. Berry (2012). "Teacher Professional Development Focusing on Pedagogical Content Knowledge." Educational Researcher 41(1): 26-28. • Bausmith, J. M. and C. Barry (2011). "Revisiting Professional Learning Communities to Increase College Readiness: The Importance of Pedagogical Content Knowledge." Educational Researcher 40(4): 175-178. • Shavelson, R. J. and P. Stern (1981). "Research on Teachers' Pedagogical Thoughts, Judgments, Decisions, and Behavior." Review of Educational Research 51(4): 455-498.

New initiatives, new ideas and new findings • David Laws’ commissioned UCET report on the link between teacher education, research and closing the gap between rich and poor. • The recent OECD paper • Lauren Resnick’s work (Accountable Talk) k_the_educator/lauren_resnick • Eckhard Klime at DIPF

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