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Meet the city

Petra is one of the seven wonders.

Some history The Siq The Treasury The Great Temple

The City Centre The Royal Tombs

Petra is set amongst the beautiful old cities of wadi araba

in Jordan .The buildings are carved out of rock with wonderful rainbow colours.

Petra was an important cultural crossroad between Arabia, Egypt, and Syria-Phoenicia. The Nabataea's built the city in 500BC.Over the centuries it traded with Arabs, Assyrians, Egyptians ,Greeks and Romans. The Romans came to Petra in 106AD,and in 363AD an earthquake destroyed many buildings. In the 19th centaury tourists started visiting it. In 1985 it became a UNESCO protected monument.

This is the entrance to the city. It is a kilometer-long path which passes through a dramatic narrow gorge. At the end of the walk we saw our first incredible sight of Petra.

This is the best –known building in Petra. It’s decorated and its front is carved out of a high sandstone cliff. Inside, it isn't decorated – there is a large square room and smaller empty rooms. Then we saw the huge Nabataea's theatre-a great place to perform.

This is largest building in Petra. It has about 100 columns and many wonderful Nabataeans and Greek Sculpture sand carvings. We loved this places!

This was once the center of a busy

city with hundreds of streets,

market places And houses.

These fantastic decorated tombs are carved into the rock face. There was a 30 minute climb but the views were brilliant you really feel the atmosphere of the place .

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