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January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Political Science, Civics
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A Walking Tour of this Historic City By: Andy Gorniowsky

Overview of Tour        

Liberty Bell Independence Hall Betsy Ross’ House City Hall Art Museum Love Park South Street Stadiums

Liberty Bell 

Ordered in 1751 to commemorate William Penn  First rang on July 8, 1776  Used to call citizens to the reading of the Declaration of Independence

Independence Hall 

Built between 17321753  Constitution and Declaration of Independence were both signed here

Betsy Ross’ House 

Located at 239 Arch Street  Where the first American Flag was sewn

Art Museum 

Finished in 1928 ( 12 years to build)  Located on the Ben Franklin Parkway  Made famous by the movie Rocky  Works by Rodin and Picasso

Love Park 

Symbol of Philadelphia’s motto as the city of brotherly love  Located just south of City Hall

City Hall 

Built between 1871 and 1901  Largest and tallest Masonry Building in the world  There are 695 rooms and over 240 sculptures

South Street 

Located in Old City  One of the most popular places in Philadelphia for shopping, eating, and entertainment

Stadiums 

Lincoln Financial Field  New home of the Philadelphia Eagles  Completed in 2003  Located at the corner of Broad and Pattison Streets

Stadiums 

Citizens Bank Park  New home of the Philadelphia Phillies  Completed in 2004  Located at the Corner of Broad and Pattison Streets

Websites 

Liberty Bell Link  Independence Hall  City Hall Art  Philadelphia Philles  Philadelphia Art Museum Right click on the link and choose open hyperlink to get to the website.

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