Phonics Act - Nancy Broz

January 8, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Writing, Spelling
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Phonics Lessons Chapter 5 Cohen & Cowan

Sight Words High Frequency List Instant Words: First 100 (Fry)

50% of material we read (1-25 = 1/3 of written material) Many are irregularly spelled or pronounced

Sight Word Strategies Labeling Visual configuration

Shared literacy experiences Games Story context Daily routines

Word Identification strategies used only with unfamiliar words Focus on common patterns  Phonic  Structural  Syllabic

Phonic Analysis  Letters  Vowels (long,short)  Consonants  Consonant blends (sm, sll, br, spr)  Consonant digraphs (sh, th, ph, wh)  CVC, CVCe

Nonsense words dalk, sait, quare, clape, jouse, befuse (You are familiar with the vowel patterns and can apply them)

Vowel Sounds “E”  end - short  feet -long  made-silent  eat -comined with a for long e  fern -r-controlled

Vowel Patterns  Long sounds  CVCe - Fate, game

 Digraphs (oa, ea, ee, ai, oy)  2 vowels walking, second does the talking)  Single vowel at end of syllable usually long  (me/ter, be, ti/ger , lo/co/mo/tive)

Vowels….cont.  Short vowels  CVC rule  Bit, tin, top, fat, thin Vowel digraphs (one sound, 2 vowels) ay-day ey - monkey ai - bait oa - boat ee- feet au - haul

Vowels…cont.  Dipthongs (vowel blends - 2 sounds)  oi - foil  oy - boy

ou - our, loud, house ow - growl

R-controlled = blend bar fern car bird farm torn

horn worm guard

Vowels … cont.  “y” at end of word with no other vowel  Has long “I” sound  Sky, my, try, shy “y” at end of word with 2 syllables - has long “e” sound - country, happy, sorry

Structural Analysis prefixes suffixes


Inflectional Endings Plurals Boy, boys Half, halves Church, churches Cry, cries

Possessives Man, man’s Children, children’s

Inflectional endings … cont. CVC - double final consonant (ed, ing)

CVCe (ed, ing)

bat - batting

hop - hoping

hit - hitting

tape - taping

Inflectional endings … cont. Comparative forms

Compound words

fast, faster, fastest

cowboy firehouse sometimes nowhere

log, longer, longest

Structural Analysis Prefixes unbimultiprepropost-


 Suffixes -ful -tion -less -sion -ment -able -ship -ness -ous -ward

Syllabication  Syllables = vowel sounds

(Enclose, defeat, break)

VC/CV (hap/pen, nar/row) VC/CV (pen/cil, cac/tus)  VCV

(fa/tal, to/tal, pa/per, o/ver)

Onset-Rime Phonics Approach -ake -oad -ide -uck -ue -ay

(take, cake, make, bake, fake) (load, toad, road) (ride, tide, bide, hide, side) (duck, luck, truck) (blue, glue, true) (hay, bay, say, day, may)

37 High-frequency Spelling Patterns ack ame at ell ight ink op ump

ail an aw ake ock ick

ill ate ice ap uck ing

ip est in ay ale oke

ore ain it ide ash ug

unk ank ot ine eat

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