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January 17, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Performing Arts, Drama
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Play Learn Grow A Resource for Maternal and Child Health Nurses

What Play, Learn, Grow includes

What else is new • Grounded in the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework • Less about key milestones, more about what parents can do • Strength-based approach • Higher expectations for children’s learning and development • Personalised postcard

Key Messages • Play, Learn, Grow promotes strength-based conversations with families about their children’s learning • The VEYLDF provides a shared language for working with other professionals and families • Using the VEYLDF means applying a ‘learning lens’ to what MCH nurses already do

Implementation • New resources start to be distributed September 2014 • Professional Learning for Coordinators November 2014 • Professional Learning or other support for MCH nurses – November-December 2014

Thank you Working Group

Advisory Group

• Gayle Brandellero, Helen Broderick, Lyndal Bankuti, Anne McNair – Hume City Council • Dianne Jackson – City of Port Phillip • Helen Walter – Knox City Council • Maria O’Shannessy, Marietta Ryan, Felicity Dawson – Mooney Valley City Council • Lallitha Chelliath, Victorian Aboriginal Health Service

• Carmel Phillips and Kerryn Lockett, Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority • Professor Sheena Reilly and Sue West, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute • Joanne Fittock, Municipal Association of Victoria • Dr Sarah Young, University of Melbourne

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