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Safeting and Promoting Interests in the Agro-Food Industry – Experience and Perspectives in Europe Autopresentation Poland

Location of Poland in Europe

Symbols of Poland

Polish Emblem


Anthem: Mazurek Dąbrowskiego

Administrative partitition of Poland

General information • • • • • • • •

Capital city - Warsaw Area – 312,679 km2 16 Regions Population (2009) – 38 mln Density 122/ km2 Government – Parlamentary Republik GDP (nominal) per capita – 13,800 $ Currency - Zloty

The Warsaw Mermaid

Some information about environment • Main Rivers: the Vistula Pl: Wisła and the Oder Pl: Odra

• Land use FORESTS COVER 28% of Poland’s land area. More than half of the land is devoted to AGRICULTURE. While the total area under cultivation is declining, the remaining farmland is more intensively cultivated. • Protected area More than 1% of Poland’s territory is protected within 23 NATIONAL PARKS. There are also over 120 areas designated as LANDSCAPE PARKS, and numerous NATURE RESERVES and other PROTECTED AREAS.

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Wrocław – meeting place

Wrocław – city of bridges

Interesting architecture

Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences


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