(Police Operations) Revised (12/3/2014)

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Jose Elique Director/Chief of Police

Department of Police Services (Police Operations) Revised (12/3/2014)

Sandy Seda Assistant Director/Chief

Police Patrol Unit

Scott Lewandowski Admin. Sergeant

William Newman Lieutenant Special Events

Richard Dohme Lieutenant

Nevada State College Patrol Squad

Patrol Squads Night Shift & Shadow Lane

Field Training & Professional Development

Jeff Green Lieutenant

Investigations Office *Backgrounds *Case Review

Patrol Squads Day Shift

K-9 Patrol

Evan Carney Police Officer II Day Shift

Scott Taylor Sergeant

Denise Murphy Sergeant

Ernie Castillo Sergeant

Darrell Johnson Police Officer II K-9 Dog Handler

Brian Heaston Sergeant

William Queen Sergeant

Donald Sims Police Officer II Night Shift

Squad 2 Night Shift

Squad 4 Night Shift

Squad 5 Shadow Lane Campus

Bruce Taylor Police Officer II K-9 Dog Handler

Squad 1 Day Shift

Day Shift

Brett Goff Police Officer II

James Cesaria Police Officer II

Jon Culver Police Officer II Day Shift

Jonathan Huynh Police Officer II

Nelson Silva Police Officer II

John Garner Police Officer II Day Shift

John Kong Police Officer II

Police Officer II

James Rudnik Police Officer II Night Shift

Police Officer II

Eileen Wells Police Officer II Night Shift

Thomas & Mack/ Sam Boyd/Cox Pavilion Events

Squad 3

Stanley Berry Detective Supervisor

Joshua Delvalle Detective Team 1

Yusuf “Joe” Alliyani Police Officer II

Javier Hernandez Police Officer II

Robert Ljungquist Detective Team 1

6 Part-time Officers

Stephanie Preston Police Officer II Public Info. Officer

Daniel Malloy Police Officer II

Manuel “Bill” Sigarroa Detective Team 2

1 Part-time Police Dispatcher

Courtland Smith Police Officer II

Soila McKay Police Officer II

Paul Velez Detective & Public Info. Officer Team 2

Police Officer II

Police Officer II

Jose Elique Director / Chief of Police

Hobreigh Fischer Office Manager Publications Writer

Sandy Seda Assistant Director / Assistant Chief *Homeland Security *ENS *EOC

Office of the Chief & Community Outreach *Community Outreach *Public Relations/Crime Prevention *DRI/NSC Liaison *Government Affairs

Publications Writer

Front Desk Stephanie Cohen Student Worker

Front Desk Samantha Slinkard Student Worker

Administration Unit

Jeff Green Lieutenant

Sandra Barfield Dispatch Manager

Jim Morrow Records Custodian Program Officer I


*Accounting *Technology

Doris Berry Budget Manager

Office of Budget & Accounting *Accounting/Budgeti ng *Billing *Payroll *Leave *Travel

Cheryl Kelton Personnel Technician II

Office Assistant Shavawn Washington Student Worker

Administrative Assistant II

Information Tech. Director

Office of Information Technology *Computers *Radios *Alarms *I.T. Projects

Information Tech. Specialist

Student Worker

Department of Police Services (Administrative & Dispatch Operations) Revised (12/3/2014)

Unit *Dispatch *Radios *Security

Office of Police Records & Property *Records *Evidence *Fingerprinting *Inventory *Crime Analysis

Office Assistant Lauryn Godfrey Student Worker

Gina Schneider Asst. Dispatch Manager Police Dispatcher IV

Rachael Carpenter Asst. Records Custodian Administrative Asst. III

Michael West Administrative Assistant II

Office Assistant Sara Elissa Student Worker

Richard Dohme Lieutenant

Day Shift

Swing Shift

Grave Shift

Hilda Carson Police Dispatcher III

Anthony Baker Police Dispatcher III

Mark Sakurada Police Dispatcher III Student Supervisor

Shelby Semerad Police Dispatcher III

Police Dispatcher III

Student Security Unit 6 Student Workers

John “Steeve” Spearmon Police Dispatcher III

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