Pont du Gard

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Pont du Gard

Functional architecture



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What side of the ara pacis has the relief of tellus? What sides of the ara pacis are the processions on? What is the content of the 2 processions? What did the 2 women (who framed the main woman) represent in the Tellus relief? What were the inauguration and dedication dates of the ara pacis? What side was the scene of Aeneas on? What was the main propaganda message of the Aeneas relief? What had Augustus done to deserve the ara pacis? Why did the senate have to make the ara pacis for Augustus? What is the name for these parts of a door?



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East side North and South Augustus family & senators Fresh water and Sea Water 13-9 BC West a That Augustus is pietas and holy and great like aeneas Pacified spain and gaul Because Augustus was not accepting any triumphal honours Lintel and doorjamb


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Where is the Pont du gard located (modern name)? Where is the pont du gard located (roman name?) What place did it transport water to? Where did it transport water from? What dates are associated with the ara pacis? What is on the west side? What is on the east side? What is on the north side? What is on the south side? What is on the base of the exterior wall below the reliefs?


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Hello Mr. Workbook…p.13 Location: France! Roman Name: _______ (under control of Rome from 120 BC) Modern Name: Nîmes (what other piece of architecture have we studied from there?) 

Architectural type: Functional, Aqueduct.

Purpose: Carried water from a spring near Uzes (50km away) to supply Nîmes with water

Dates of Construction: find in Paul Artus

Reasons for Dating: 19BC – when commissioned by Marcus Agrippa 

Dimensions: 49m high and 275m wide across the gorge

Workbooks… p.14 

    

When was it built? What is it built with? uncemented masonry quarried locally, which was very accessible and cheap Who probably constructed it? Slaves and Soldiers but was commissioned by Marcus Agrippa Number of arches: find in Paul Artus Height of structure: Find Length (of top level): Find The canal

Lined with: waterproof cement. So that the water f____ smoothly & does n___ leak. Located: on the top of the aqueduct Covered with: stone bosses for repairs

Pont problems and Sensible solutions Problem


Repeated arches in a row mean The height of a bridge needed to cross the Gard they can span any length eg. One length at the bottom (142m) and another at top of the gorge (275m)

The flow of water against the bridge

Copy down info under’pointed piers’ and ‘the river’ The pier heads in the bottom row are wedge shaped to cut the flood current and reduce turbulence

Pont problems and Sensible solutions Problems


The weight of the bridge

The weight of the structure is lessened as the depth of the arches decreases from bottom to top – 6.36m, 4.56m, 3.06m The properties of the arch mean it is strong enough to cope with the weight of the structure & distribute the weight evenly as well as deal with the water it carries

The force of winds on the bridge

Find information under ‘The Wind’ in Paul Artus

construction 

  

 

The blocks weighed up to 6 tonnes Blocks were labelled before they were put together Local limestone was used from the river valley The cost of labour was reduced by using slaves & soldiers No carved decoration Projecting stones were used for scaffolding & were left to assist with repairs in future The aqueduct was a cheaper method of transporting water instead of using lead pipes.

What are these?

More details 

 

The water was piped to the various areas of Nîmes eg. Private houses, public baths, public drinking fountains. This part of the aqueduct crosses the gorge of the river Gardon, (which is why it is called the Pont du Gard – Bridge over the river Gardon). It is located 21km from Nîmes it is a utilitarian structure.

The source of the water (Uzes) is higher than it’s destination (Nîmes) so gravity causes the water to flow downhill with reasonable pressure. The pont du gard has a slight drop of 11cm over 275m 

“It’s Harmonious & beautiful!” 

The arch on the bottom tier is the same width as 3 arches on the top tier The arches of the 2 bottom tiers are the same width

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