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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Earth Science
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GlobalEd Network of Central Ohio September 25, 2013 Educational Service Center of Central Ohio

Recapping 2012-2013 Three Goals • Global Scholars Diploma • Global Education Showcase • Community Engagement Toolkit

Global Education Showcase o New Albany Center for the Arts o Keynote speaker – Yong Zhao, Associate Dean for Global Education, University of Oregon o Two hundred in attendance. o Debut of the video – Get on the Map for Global Education o Positive feedback from attendees.

Funding • Longview Foundation Grant • Martha Holden Jennings Foundation Grant

District commitment forms are important for funding.

GlobalEd Network of Ohio Increase the global competence of Ohio students

Cleveland Cincinnati Toledo Akron

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District Updates

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The Global Scholars Diploma™ Program Evidence of Learning from School Experiences Evidence of Learning from Student Initiated Experiences

Evidence of Learning from Community Experiences Global Competence Portfolio

Global Scholars Diploma™

Global Scholars will: • Attend the fall Global Scholars orientation session. • Attend at least two other Global Scholars activities. • Complete district requirements. • Collect evidence of increasing global competence. • Present a portfolio at the June Global Scholars Showcase.

Global Scholar Diploma Program Activities • • • • • •

Fall orientation – November 6 Career exploration Global issues lectures Cross cultural experience Service learning Global Scholars Showcase – June 4

Pre-Pilot Option Districts that want to come into the program next year can: • Designate a representative to pilot activities • Provide constructive feedback on the development of the Global Scholars Diploma Program

Options for Shared Resources • Small group discussion • Individual ranking and comments

Travel and Professional Development • Student seminar in Shanghai • ESC professional development trip • Primary Source

This Year’s Meetings • September 25 • December 4 • February 5 • April 2

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