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January 8, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Music, Music History
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Rock in the 70s: Punk and New Wave

PUNK • Continuation of garage bands like The Kingsmen • Combined with “in your face” attitude, rejection of commercial rock • Rebellion against nearly all rock after early 1960s

Punk- The Beginning • Surfaces in NYC 1974-75 at club CBGB OMFUG – Country, Blue Grass, Blues, and Other Music For Urban Gourmandizers • First punk band: New York Dolls – Modeled after English glam rockers like T. Rex, David Bowie – Performed in drag – Limited musicianship

Punk - Style Rock reduced to most basic elements – Saturated eight beat - rock style beat aggressively stated by every instrument – Extremely fast tempos

• Rejection of overt moves to court commercial popularity • Talent optional; passion essential

The Ramones • Surf band on speed – Extremely fast tempos – Repetitive, yet catchy lyrics

• Ex. Blitzkrieg Bop

The Sex Pistols • English punk group, modeled after NY Dolls • Added to characteristics of Dolls, Ramones: – Nihilistic attitude – Gross antics and stage behavior – Screamed, monotonous lyrics

The Sex Pistols • Lyrics, behavior calculated to offend • Songs like God Save the Queen, Anarchy in the UK banned from BBC – Tons of free publicity – Shot Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols to the top of UK charts

Anarchy in the UK • Complete saturation of texture by eight beat rock rhythm – Rhythm guitar – Bass – Snare

• Screamed, aggressive vocal style • Verse/refrain form • Confrontational lyrics

Punk’s Demise • Burns itself out in a few years – After sparking trends in fashion, social behavior

• Influence endures – Brings certain drive back into rock – Fuses with other influences to create…

New Wave • Punk + other • Wide variety of styles mix well with punk – Punk + reggae – Punk + pop – Punk + art rock

Punk + Reggae • Riff-based punk fuses particularly well with reggae – Political and social protest in both – Rhythmic activity in reggae, especially accented afterbeats

• Exs: The Clash Elvis Costello

The Clash - The Guns of Brixton • Eight-beat rhythm in drums, occasionally divides to sixteen-beat – Not saturated eight-beat

• Ska afterbeats in guitar • Thin texture • Rough, unmelodic vocal style

Punk + Pop • Back-to-basics feel of punk revitalized pop rock • Bright, rhythmic feel of pop works with saturated eight-beat texture • Both employ stripped down, simple textures • Exs: Blondie B-52s Elvis Costello

Punk + Art Rock • Basic, stripped down textures of punk canvas for artistic elaboration • Can add – Beat-type poetry – World music – Electronic music – Or pretty much anything else • Exs: Patti Smith Devo Talking Heads

Talking Heads - Psycho Killer • Thin, transparent texture • Eight-beat rhythm present as simple, continuous rhythmic pulse • “Behind the beat” feel from reggae • Nearly monotone lyric delivery

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