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What, when, where? • • • • •

What? A holiday club for the whole family When? Dates Times Where?

Why? • Outreach • Getting to know our community • Giving families an opportunity to enjoy being together • Introducing something of Jesus • Having holiday fun together • Belonging, believing, behaving, blessing

Daily Programme 10.00 Welcome chill time 10.10 Short get-together (Gathering) 10.20 Fun activities with Bible theme: free-range 11.00 Coffee break 11.10 Extreme family skills: stick with one 11.45 Short celebration 12.00 Hot lunch

Theme: Who is Jesus? Monday: Jesus’ stories Tuesday: Jesus’ friends Wednesday: Jesus’ miracles Thursday: Jesus and prayer Friday: Jesus dies and rises again

An example set of Bible-based activities: Day 1 1 Good Samaritan: Donkey balloon racing 2 Prodigal Son: Pig biscuits 3 Lost Sheep: Sheep badges 4 Lost Coin: Coin purse 5 Treasure in the field: Mini mosaics 6 Jesus story bag 7 Great Banquet: Table mat 8 Mustard Seed: Giant tree 9 House on the Rock: Building a house on jelly in a large shallow bowl 10 Unforgiving servant in a real mess: Shaving foam marbling Prayer station: Items from stories (seed, coins, sheep) for tactile prayer

An example set of options for the Extreme family skills slot 1. 2. 3. 4.

Cook banana cake, banana ice-cream Sport Safety visitor Bike maintenance

Other ideas for extreme skills • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Safety visitors – lifeboats, bomb disposal, first aid, fire service Photography Sport Drama Dance How to make the perfect cup of tea Extreme ironing Fun ways with faith at home Singing How to wallpaper a wall Car or bike maintenance Extreme cleaning (dusting, window cleaning, bed-making, hoovering...) Carpentry Or, better still, your skills???????

Remember... • It’s fun! Not school! We’re on holiday! • Jesus is at the centre of everything – conversations, welcomes, friendships, teamwork, activities, meal – he’s everywhere • Make space for creativity • Everything is for adults as well as children • Hospitality depends on every single team member

What you can do • • • • • •

Be excited! Bear with the planning team in love! Sign up your contacts / availability Sign up your skill Sort your DBS if necessary Tell your friends – word of mouth will be the best publicity • Pray • Invite other church members to join in the fun


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