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Rick Burks

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Pick out different brands of clubs Choose the right shaft flex Hit 10 golf balls per club Narrow down your selection Hit more golf balls Choose the brand that feels best

When first learning how to play golf, it’s important to learn how to hit the ball before going out and playing a round at a golf course. No one enjoys slow play, therefore you must hit at the range and get a feel for how you hit the ball.

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Warm up with short shots Start with wedges and irons Gradually move to woods Swing easy Note the general direction of the ball End on a good hit

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Putting motion is like a pendulum Eyes should be over golf ball Smooth and straight take back Firm and straight follow through Keep eye on ball through impact

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Ball in the back of stance Small take back Firm descending blow through golf ball

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Play 9-18 holes Remember all of your practice Develop a routine hitting the ball Keep an accurate and honest score Record your statistics during the round Work on shortfalls at the range

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Mental game is half the battle Don’t get discouraged by bad shots Throwing clubs can lead to disciplinary action Golf takes time to become good Never give up

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Hit golf balls a couple times per week After 1000 swings becomes muscle memory Spend equal time practicing every component

Keep in mind pros practice several hours daily and hit a couple hundred golf balls daily**

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