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USBLN® Disability Supplier Diversity Program

About the USBLN® • National disability organization with over 60 affiliates in North America, representing over 5,000 employers • Supports best practices in employment, youth engagement, marketing, and procurement • Major offerings are Annual Conference, TOWER Initiative, and Disability Supplier Diversity ProgramSM 2

About the DSDP • Corporations have supplier diversity programs to round out their marketing, employment, and philanthropy toward diverse segments • USBLN® Disability Supplier Diversity ProgramSM is modeled after existing national third-party certifications for minority, women, and LGBT-owned businesses • Pilot program launched July 1st, 2009, with full implementation on January 1st, 2010 3

Certification Criteria • Must be at least 51% owned, operated, managed, and controlled by individuals with a disability and/or servicedisabled veterans who are either U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents • Must exercise independence from any other business enterprise • Must have its principal place of business (headquarters) in the United States • Must be formed as a legal entity in the United States • Process takes 60-90 days from date of receipt of a complete certification application • Certification will be valid for 1 year, with annual renewal 4 available

Definition of Disability • Disability is defined as a physical and/or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities of an individual. • Based on the first prong of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990

• A service-disabled veteran is a person who served in the active military, naval or air service, and whose disability was incurred or aggravated in the line of duty in the active military, naval or air service. 5

Disability Status Qualifiers • To demonstrate disability status or status as a service disabled veteran, applicants must submit one document from Group A or submit at least two documents from Group B. • All documents must be accompanied by a Disability Status Qualifier Supplemental form, with the exception of the USBLN® Physician’s Certification of Disability Form. • USBLN® reserves the right to request further information and documentation of disability status 6

Disability Status Qualifiers Group A – Records, statements or other documentation issued from a licensed, registered, or certified vocational rehabilitation specialist stating that the applicant is a person with a disability – Records or statements from a federal, state or local agency that provides disability benefits stating that the applicant is a person with a disability – USBLN® Physician’s Certification of Disability Form from a licensed medical professional – For service disabled veterans, the veteran must have a letter of adjudication from the Veterans Administration, a Department of Defense Form 214, or a Statement of Service from the National Archives and Records Administration, stating that the veteran has a service-connected disability. 7

Disability Status Qualifiers Group B – National or local media attention indicating the applicant company is a disability-owned or service-disabled veteran-owned business, or mention the owner(s) as a member of the disability community – Records, certifications, or registrations regarding the use of a service animal – Advertising/promotional materials that note the business is disability- or service-disabled veteran-owned and operated – Certificates/awards/recognitions of the business and/or owner(s) as a member of the disability community (a copy of the recognition and contact information for the presenting party must be submitted) – Membership certificates from a disability-focused organization (such as a center for independent living), accompanied by a written letter from a board member of the organization indicating 8 the individual is a person with a disability

Certification Process Overview Applicant initiates certification process (60-90 days)

Application Received by USBLN & Reviewed for Completion

Application undergoes initial review by National Certification Committee

Determination sent to business within 15 business days

Final Review of Application by National Certification Committee

Site Visit Scheduled & Conducted

Questions? Beth Butler Vice President, Accommodations Management Wachovia, a Wells Fargo Company [email protected] 704.383.5074 Aditi Dussault Director, Affiliate Relations & Disability Supplier Diversity Program USBLN® [email protected] 202-487-5868 10

National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce

Including LGBT-owned Businesses

in Your Supplier Diversity Program September 29, 2010 Proprietary and Confidential NGLCC 2010and All Rights Reserved Proprietary Confidential NGLCC 2010 All Rights Reserved

NGLCC at a Glance • The business advocate and direct link between LGBT business owners, corporations and government • 61 Local and Regional LGBT Chamber Affiliates in the U.S. and internationally • More than 29,000 member businesses BE

NGLCC Corporate Partners NGLCC Founding Corporate Partners

Corporate Partners

NGLCC Signature Events

November 19th, 2010 NGLCC National Dinner: An Evening of Courage! Great Hall, National Building Museum; Washington, DC

November 18-20th, 2010 NGLCC’s Seventh Annual National Business and Leadership Conference: Out for Business! Capital Hilton Hotel, Washington, DC January 11th, 2011 NGLCC Diversity & Leadership in Financial Services Awards Honored Guest Speaker: Chairman Barney Frank New York Stock Exchange; New York, NY BE

Completing the Circle of Corporate Diversity

Marketing to the LGBT Community

Pro-LGBT Workplace Policies

Buying from the LGBT Community: LGBT Supplier Diversity

Credibility Counts!


Supplier Diversity Overview • Exclusive third-party national certification body for LGBTowned companies • Modeled after the certifications offered by the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) and the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) • The National and Regional Certification Committees work in partnership with the NGLCC to protect the integrity of the exclusive national certification initiative for LGBT Business Enterprises BE

Supplier Diversity Overview Supplier Diversity Overview • In 2007, the NGLCC and WBENC signed a Memorandum of Understanding to promote dual certification for LBT Womenowned businesses • The certification process ensures high caliber certified diverse suppliers

• The NGLCC Procurement Council participates in annual spend reporting by corporate America with certified LGBT Business Enterprises and conducts best practice benchmarking BE

The Certification Process: An Overview

Steps to certification:

1. Apply online at: http://nglcc.cvmsolutions.com 2. Gather and send supporting documentation 3. Site Visit 4. Committee review


The Certification Process • Determining eligibility for certification is derived from four critical criteria. The application, supporting documents, and site visit demonstrate the criteria on behalf of the LGBT owner(s):

1. Ownership – 51% LGBT 2. Control and Management 3. Contribution of Expertise or Capital 4. Independence NOTE: Certification is NOT a statement of financial viability! BE

LGBT Status Qualifiers • Required: At least one LGBT Status Qualifier document NGLCC encourages businesses to submit as many LGBT Status Qualifiers as possible • Required: Two personal letters of reference attesting to the LGBT status of the applicant • Required: Signed and notarized affidavit

• Required: Complete application, supporting documentation, site visit, committee review BE

Examples of LGBT Status Qualifiers: • • • • • • •

• • •

Certified copy of marriage/civil union/domestic partnership Proof of Domestic Partnership Health Insurance utilization Membership certificate in LGBT professional organization or local chamber of commerce with letter of good standing Proof of same-sex relationship in the form of person joint bank accounts or joint property ownership National/local media articles noting the business as an LGBT owned enterprise Advertising/promotional materials that note the business is LGBT owned and operated Certificates/Awards/Recognitions of the business and/or owner as a member of the LGBT community with letter and contact information from the awarding organization Physician Carry Letter (Transgender certification) Legal petition for a name change (Transgender certification) Additional documents subject to review and acceptance by the NGLCC Certification Committee


Benefits to NGLCC Corporate Partners Corporate Participants in the Supplier Diversity Initiative receive the following benefits and more: •

Support in developing, expanding, and promoting corporate diversity business development and procurement opportunities

Access to LGBT-owned businesses certified by the NGLCC

Listing as a Corporate Member of the NGLCC Supplier Diversity Initiative in all print and web material relating to the program

Participation on the NGLCC Corporate Advisory Council

Participation on the NGLCC Procurement Council

Broad exposure at all NGLCC supplier diversity events

Participation in the NGLCC National Business & Leadership Conference and National Dinner: An Evening of Courage! CP

Corporate Partner Visibility

- BIZ NGLCC’s online webzine: www.lgbtbiz.com


Why LGBT Supplier Diversity? Why LGBT Supplier Diversity? ”LGBT Supplier Diversity is of paramount importance to IBM. From our perspective, the inclusion of LGBT suppliers in our corporate supplier diversity program speaks to our commitment to the entire LGBT business cycle, including human resources, sales & marketing, and also procurement activities." -Irwin Drucker, Program Director, GLBT and International Programs, Supplier Diversity, IBM Global Procurement

“As a leading corporate partner with the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) and the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), Ernst & Young has no doubt that the NGLCC certification is a process that is on par with the other diversity certifications within the supplier diversity arena. Ernst & Young has a strong commitment to Supplier Diversity and partnership with NGLCC in this area allowed us to implement and provide additional networks that we otherwise might not have known about.” - Theresa Harrison, Supplier Diversity Lead, Strategic Sourcing, Ernst & Young

National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce Joanna Dees Senior Manager, Supplier Diversity and Corporate Relations, NGLCC [email protected] P: 202-234-9181 F: 202-234-9185 NGLCC 729 15th Street, NW 9th Floor Washington, DC 20005



INTRODUCTION • Objectives – To discuss the Supplier Diversity Certifications offered by the City of Chicago’s Office of Compliance – To discuss the available resources for any assistance needed


WHAT IS SUPPLIER DIVERSITY? • A proactive business process that seeks to provide suppliers equal access to purchasing opportunities. • It promotes supplier participation reflective of the diverse business community and encourages economic development.


CERTIFICATIONS OFFERED • MBE - Minority-owned Business Enterprise • WBE - Women-owned Business Enterprise • BEPD - Businesses Owned by People with Disabilities • DBE - Disadvantaged Business Enterprise • ACDBE- Airport Concessions Disadvantaged Business Enterprise 29

PARTICIPATION GOALS • Target Market Contracts - City contracts valued under $10,000 • Direct and Indirect participation • Non-Construction – 25% to certified MBE’s – 5% to certified WBE’s

• Construction aspirational goals: – 24% MBE – 4% WBE

• DBE = 30%

• ACDBE = 30% 30

BEPD PARTICIPATION INCENTIVES • BEPD utilizes a bid incentive that allows earned credits from a previous bid to be applied towards any future contract bid •

% of total dollar contract performed by BEPD

Bid Incentive of contract base bid

2 to 5%

1/2% of the contract base bid

6 to 10%

1% of the contract base bid

11% or more

2% of the contract base bid


BUSINESS TYPES • Established Businesses • Start-up Businesses • Non-for-Profit Eligible for BEPD


BEPD ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS • To become BEPD certified, one must meet the requirements established by the Americans with Disabilities Amendment Act (ADA): • A medically diagnosed severe physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more of the major life activities of that individual. • A record of such an impairment; or • Being regarded as having an impairment


WHERE TO GO FOR HELP • Recognized community groups who may be able to give guidance • Contact the Office of Compliance at: – (312) 747-7778 – [email protected]




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