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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Law, Criminal Justice
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Police Scotland (Dundee Division) Community Safety Unit Donna Drummond Early and Effective Intervention

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Case Manage Crime Report Antecedents/Background Previous Convictions Missing Person FPU Database Checks from other Agencies

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Verbal Warning Police Warning Letter Police Restorative Warning Sacro Referral (Direct) Youth Notice Firesetters Course (Fire Service) Referral to EEI Meeting Referral to Children’s Reporter Jointly referred to Reporter and Procurator Fiscal

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Attendees  Police – Sergeant & Youth Justice Assessor  CHOICE Project – Social Work  Anti-Social Behaviour Team  Sacro  SCSS –School Community Support Service Criteria Process

2007/2008 – 1758

2008/2009 – 1483

2009/2010 – 1190

2010/2011 – 1044

2011/2012 - 813


16-17 year olds – Youth Justice

Custody Cases & Undertaking to Appear at Court


Timely and Proportionate Intervention

Diversion from Prosecution

32% of 16 & 17 year olds were diverted from prosecution in 2013 and have been dealt with by direct measures

•Statutory social work service •Multi Disciplinary Team •Two Resources Workers (CLD Trained) •Three Social Workers •One Teacher

Home visit made within a week of referral from EEI Discuss offence, attitude and behaviour at home, school and in the community, peers and recreation. If decision is to offer support arrangements are made to collect young person the following week.

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1-1 support Referral to CHOICE teacher Group work in partnership with other agencies or within CHOICE BIKE IT Family work

GIRFEC Wellbeing Wheels using SHANARRI indicators ASSET Compass Assessment – the analysis of twelve domains that can contribute to the likelihood of further offending; including family and personal relationships, perception of self and others and thinking and behaviour.

Tailored packages of work include consequences of offending, peer pressure, relationships, victim empathy, and alcohol and drug awareness.

Session on the consequences of offending within the Adult Criminal Justice System Support to access employment and training

Jane (16) was referred to EEI March 2013 for a Vandalism offence, although she denied the offence she agreed to work with CHOICE as she wanted support with accessing training opportunities. Within a couple of weeks Jane began a six month placement with a local training provider and she completed work on the consequences of offending within the Criminal Justice System.

Unfortunately, Jane was allegedly involved in an assault with two other girls, while under the influence of alcohol, April 2013. One of the other girls involved; Susan was also referred to CHOICE via EEI and the other girl; Karen was already known to CHOICE.

In partnership with Karen’s Social Worker the girls participated in a four week group work programme. They completed work on:  Alcohol Awareness  Perceptions and Stereotypes  Victim Awareness  Consequences of offending within the adult Criminal Justice System None of the girls have re-offended since.

Follow up visits three months after they are closed. Evaluation of service from young people

Charges through EEI raised by Youth Justice Assessor (Donna Drummond)  Youth Notice issued (usually for first offence) - Diversion offered ie TCA, StreetLevel  Youth Notice/Sacro - When issuing a Youth Notice, often suitable to refer to Sacro, usually when there is a victim. 


Acceptable Behaviour Contract ABC (usually higher tariff offences or further offences) Diversion offered ie TCA, StreetLevel


Caution on 16/17 year olds


ASBT:  Motorbike Project  YAO @ Barry Buddon  Tickets for Dundee and United

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Referrals to: TCA (Drug/Alcohol) Street Level – Supported Accommodation Mentors DFP Housing Support Girls Group

Young Person A was currently an open case to the ASBT due to his Antisocial Behaviour in the local community. Young Person A later came through EEI as was charged with a Vandalism Offence. Decision made at EEI to put Young Person A onto an ABC and both Sacro and ASBT would work together on this offence. Sacro did restorative work with Young Person A and attended all ABC reviews bringing positive feedback re work carried out. Offending reduced completely, no complaints of ASB in the community and no further offences. Joint working proved successful.

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Young Person Charged Sacro receives Tasking Log Previously worked with the service Level of engagement Attitude of Young person Significant information Work completed Workers view’s & opinions

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Set up case (Information from crime file) Background checks (i.e. Social Work) Arrange first visit (via appointment letter) Establish participation Explain service Explain the process

Restorative Justice

Shuttle Dialogue

Victim Awareness Programme

Additional Modular Work consisting of Tim Chapman modules

Restorative Justice • Focus on the harm done, rather than the laws broken

• Show equal concern and commitment to those harmed and to those responsible for the harm, involving both in the process of justice • Work towards the restoration of those harmed, empowering them and responding to their needs as they see them • Support those who are responsible, encouraging them to understand, accept and carry out their obligation to repair the harm and make amends

Additional Modular Work Tim Chapman •

Modules cover the following topics…

• Offending Behaviour

Developing Positive Relationships

Young Women & Offending

• Alcohol and Substance misuse

Anger Management

• Problem Solving Skills

• Moral Reasoning

• Peer Pressure

• Future Choices

• Car Crime • Emotional Management

Once the service has been completed with the Young Person… • The worker will feedback to the Youth Justice Assessor the outcome of our intervention by compiling a closure report which summarises the level of engagement from the young person, the programme of work undertaken and our views on the risk of that young person reoffending. • If deemed necessary the young person will be discussed further at the EEIG by partners and appropriate action will be taken.

Bill was referred to Sacro Youth Justice Service after being charged with Vandalism. Upon beginning work with his Sacro worker, Bill admitted that he had been responsible for carrying out this offence. A Restorative meeting was held between Bill and the Transport manager from Dundee City Council. Bill apologised for his actions and offered to do a reparative task. Both parties were happy with the outcome and Bill has not committed any further offences since.

Development and Improvement • Discuss possibility of Group work with 16 – 17 year olds displaying anti social/offending behaviour. • Devise offence focused workshops for under 16’s who haven't been involved with other agencies but whose behaviour is causing concern.

• • •

Information received from police Information gathered from school Allows for decision to be made collectively at meeting • Usually to a partner agency

Information provided by school and School Community Support Service as pupil recently allocated an Education Resource Worker due to attendance/behaviour issues. Details of offence had already been shared with ERW. Sacro shared historical info re self harm and this was passed on to School and SCSS Due to relationship with ERW and info re supports offence to be addressed by SCSS. Relevant diversionary supports were being offered such as Fairbridge and XPLORE therefore another agency would not have been appropriate at this stage. No further offending, increased school attendance, no further exclusions. Better outcomes relating to achieving, responsible included and respected.

Education Department databases need improve to allow for better sharing and recording of information. We need to get better at measuring outcomes to provide a robust evidence base. We need to ensure involvement of named person in providing info and receiving feedback.

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