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“Sometimes people are beautiful. Not in how they look. Not in how they act. But in who they are.” – I Am the Messenger

Major Characters Ritchie Marv Audrey

Ed Kennedy


Ed’s Father

Bank Robber Bev (Ma) Kennedy

Tommy Kennedy

In your notebooks: (55 points) 1. Identify each character 2. Explain each person’s relationship to Ed. 3. Give three facts about each character (four for Ed). 4. Copy one quotation for each person that best shows that character’s personality.

protect the diamonds

The Cards

survive the clubs

Say a prayer at the stones of home.

45 Edgar Street,Midnight 13 Harrison Street, 6 p.m. 6 Macedoni Street, 5;30a.m.

Graham Greene Morris West Sylvia Plath

The Suitcase Cat Ballou Roman Holiday 26 Shipping Street

dig deep through the spades

For each card explain: 1. How Ed figured out what he was to do. 2. The conflict each person faced. 3. The conflicts Ed faced in dealing with the people and how he overcame them. 4. How Ed resolved the conflicts for the people. (50 points)

feel the hearts

Plot Diagram Climax (Turning Point)

Falling Action (Resolution) (The conflict unravels)

Rising Action (Complications)

Exposition (Protagonist; antagonist; basic conflict; setting; inciting moment)

1. 2.

Copy this diagram into your notebooks. Outline the novel by filling in the important plot points.

Denouement (Conclusion) 25 points

Points to Ponder for •

• • • •

• • • •

Class Discussions For each character on Slide 2, choose his/her main motivation from the following emotions: love, curiosity, self-preservation, self-satisfaction, greed, self-discovery, duty, revenge, other. Explain your choices with examples from book. Choose a character in the book and analyze how he/she handled a situation. Then, explain how you would like to have seen the situation resolved. How would the character have to change to handle the situation in this way? Describe the setting/locale and explain how it fits the characters and plot. What is the central conflict/problem the protagonist is facing? Is it psychological, physical or both? You will be assigned one of the characters. Describe 3 ways the character’s personality is revealed (actions, words, others’ words, etc). As a class, decide on the theme of the novel; write it on the board; list other books, movies, songs with same theme. What is a symbol? What symbols can you find in room, school? Name other common symbols in the real world. Discuss symbols you remember from past books read. List and analyze the symbols in this book. Choose a specific belief a character holds throughout the novel and discuss whether you agree or disagree with this belief; support your thoughts with examples from the book. Let’s chat about Ed: – Discuss whether he was a believable character or not. – What did his father hope to accomplish by having Ed endure these experiences? Explain whether his method was madness or genius. – What changes do you expect Ed to make? – Should Ed have ended up with Audrey or was this a cop-out ending on the part of the author? Explain. – Pretend ten years have passed. What’s going on with Ed?

THEME Theme: From the following themes, choose the one you think that the author intended for his main message. Follow the Ten Sentence Format to develop your answer (1 hook, 1 introductory/overview sentence, 1 thesis statement, 3 main ideas, each with a supporting detail, and 1 concluding statement). (50 points)

Themes: Choices in Life The Individual and Society Life and Loss Loss of Innocence Nature of Evil The Power of Pain and Love Satire and the Absurd The Search for Meaning Transformations The Uses and Abuses of Power War and Peace What is a Hero

Think: What universal point is the author making about life?

Individual Novel Project: Expository Writing (50 points for each activity; 250 points total) For an A, complete five activities from the following list; a B= four activities; a C= three activities ; a D= two activities; an F is anything less than a D. ANY WRITTEN WORK MUST BE TYPED, DOUBLE-SPACE Activities List: All writing must follow the Write Right paragraph and/or essay format (just a separate paragraph expansion of the Ten Sentence Format). Proofread these carefully for grammar, sentence structure, spelling and punctuation. 1. Show how the theme of the story ties to the plots of two of the other novels that group members read. State the theme, and then give at least two examples from each novel which illustrate the theme. (200 words) 2. Describe the setting then explain, with at least two reasons, why that setting is significant to the outcome of the story. (200 words) 3. Describe the end of the story and explain whether it is believable or not. (200 words) 4. List at least two symbols and explain what each one represents and why it is important. (200 words) 5. Explain the main conflict that arises in the story. Who is it between? How is it developed? (200 words) 6. List at least two examples of foreshadowing and explain what events they foretell. (200 words) 7. Write a summary of the story (200 words or less). Be sure to include all of the important events, the climax and the denouement. 8. Write a different ending for the story. (300 words) 9. Write a short story that could be a sequel. (500 words)* This counts as 3 activities. 10. Pretend you are dining at a Chinese restaurant with the protagonist and the antagonist of the book that you read. Tell what fortune each of you receives and why it is fitting for each person. (200 words) 11. Write two consecutive diary entries for the main character. Write about the character’s emotions and reactions to what is happening in his/her life. (200 words) 12. Lift the main character and drop him/her into the hallways of HHS. Is the character an administrator, a student, a custodian, a cafeteria worker, etc. Don’t change the personality of the character; just show what would happen if he/she became one of us. (200 words) 13. Find four paintings from classic to contemporary artists that connect with the characters, plot or theme of the novel. Copy/paste the picture to a document, and below it write a 50-75 word explanation for each one that details the connection. BE SURE to include the title of the work and the artist. (200-300 words) 14. Find a poem that reveals the same theme as the novel. Analyze how the poem shows this. Copy/paste the poem on a separate page and include it with your explanation. (200 words) 15. Find a news story (local, national or international) that fits the characters, plot and or theme of the book. Compose an essay that shows at least three connections. (200 words) 16. Create a CD soundtrack for the book. Include a decorated cover that fits the theme and gives the novel title and author. Include all of the lyrics in the accompanying booklet. You should have 12-16 songs.

Individual Novel Project: Artistic Interpretation Directions: Choose any medium (crayons, colored pencils, markers, paint) to complete ONE of the following projects: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Illustrate the protagonist, antagonist and setting of the story in a mural, diorama or mobile. Portray Ed and six other characters using puppets, costume drawings or portraits. Design and wear a T-shirt that represents the novel. Make a board game (such as Trivial Pursuit or an adventure game) depicting the characters, conflict and plot of the book. Illustrate one scene for each of the segments of the book (Ace of Diamonds, Ace of Clubs, Ace of Spades, Ace of Hearts and the Joker). Using an 18’ x 22’ piece of poster board or construction paper, cut out the first letter of the first name of one of the characters. Completely fill in the letter in a collage format (75% pictures and 25% words that describe the character). 100 points

Quotations: (Groups): Find and copy quotations (include page numbers) that reveal Ed’s personality, conflicts and beliefs about himself and life. 50 points (5 points/quote)


If Ed is the message,

what is he saying to everyone who followed his saga?

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