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January 7, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: History, US History, Revolution And Post-Independence (1775-1820), War Of 1812
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History of New Mexico and the Southwest Dr. Roy E. Howard

New Mexico Association for Bilingual Education

1598 Thanksgiving Juan de Oñate has Thanksgiving Dinner at Socorro on the Rio Grande with the Pueblo People, April 30

1680 Pueblo


The Pueblo Revolt casts out Spanish influence for thirteen years

1810 Mexican


September 16: Miguel Hidalgo initiates freedom from Spain for our part of New Spain

1848 Mexican


July 4: Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo: the U.S. promises rights of language, religion, education to those who stay in the North

1862 Cinco

de Mayo

General Ignacio Zaragoza leads the townspeople and Indian tribes to victory over the French Invaders at Puebla

1866 Emancipation 19 June - The slaves of New Mexico and Texas learn of the Emancipation Proclamatio

1867 End

of French Intervention 19 June - Benito Juárez executes Emperor Maximiliano, restoring the democratically elected government to México

1868 Long


18 June - The Navajo people leave Fort Sumner (Hwééldi) for the long walk to return to Dinétah within the sacred mountains

1868 Navajo


1 July - the U.S. Government signs a treaty with the Navajo Nation, recognizing sovereignty and promising support

1898 The


12 June - The Phillipines is liberated from Spanish control (becomes independent in 1948) Other countries include Cuba, Puerto Rico, Marianas Islands, etc.

1912 Statehood January 6, President Taft signs Proclamation admitting New Mexico as a state into the Union

1948 The

Right to Vote

Miguel Trujillo (Isleta Pueblo) takes action to secure voting rights for NM Indians

2001 September 


Foreign attacks on America awaken the Nation to a sense of history, with a subsequent increase of unity, sacrifice, patriotism, and preparedness.

September Dates  11,

2001 Attack on America  14, 1812 Star Spangled Banner (attacked by England)  16, 1810 Viva la Independencia (New Mexico’s War for Independence)

 18,

1783 U.S. Constitution

More Dates  30

April, 1598 (The first Thanksgiving)  5 May, 1862 (Mexico attacked by France)  1 June, 1868 (Navajo treaty with U.S.)  18 June, 1868 (Navajo leave Ft. Sumner)  19 June, 1866 Slaves learn of Emancipation)  19 June, 1867 (End of French Intervention)  4 July, 1848 (Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo) (

Dr. Roy E. Howard 

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