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UNIVERSITAS Austria: From Typewriter to Facebook and Beyond Eva Holzmair-Ronge January 11, 2011

Brief Introduction ● Founded in 1954 UNIVERSITAS Österreichischischer Übersetzer- und Dolmetscherverband

● UNIVERSITAS → unitas/unity + university ● Since 2008: UNIVERSITAS Austria, Berufsverband für Dolmetschen und Übersetzen, Interpreters‘ and Translators‘ Association ● Currently roughly 630 members (more than 85% women) in Austria and abroad

Representation of Professional Interests • Public bodies and authorities • Quality assurance (directories) • Support and assistance • Cooperation with related associations at home and abroad

The Board President: Eva Holzmair-Ronge Free-lance conference interpreter and translatorn (German/English/French)

Tasks: ● represents the association ● keeps contact with other associations worldwide ● presides over Board meetings ● chairs PR & Strategy Task Force Vice-President: Andrea Bernardini (translator, court interpreter, German/Italian)

The Board Secretary General: Margit Hengsberger Free-lance translator (German/English) Tasks: ● Handles day-to-day business ● administers website ● FIT matters

Deputy Secretary General: Dagmar Jenner

Working pro bono…

… is a tough job!

Membership Categories  Associate membership (EUR 120 per year) For translators and interpreters actively practicing the profession

 Qualified membership (EUR 120 per year) Translators and interpreters listed in the official membership directory after peer assessment and two years (minimum) of associate status

 Student membership (EUR 20 per year)  Beginners (=beginning to practice the profession) EUR 90 per year (maximum 3 years)  Honorary members  Subscribers to newsletter Impulsreferat Kommunaldolmetschen,5.3.2010 - Inge Pinzker

Special Programmes for Student Members ● comprehensive information, brochures, regular workshops ● Board representative: Andrea Lövenberger ● cooperation between association and university institutes (ZTW, ITAT, INTRAWI) ● cooperation with university-based student representatives StRV (joint response to dumping ads, special site at ZTW‘s electronic StRV Forum) ● networking events

Special Programmes for Student Members: Mentoring (Stage) Programme Student members (or young associate members) are assisted by an experienced translator and/or interpreter during transition from university to work who ● provides insights into the world of translating and interpreting or related professions ● encourages young colleagues to embark on their careers

● helps them to build their own networks Coordinator: Alexandra Jantscher-Karlhuber: [email protected]

Services for All Members: Mini Websites


Services for All Members: Continued Professional Development • workshops and seminars • lectures and presentations • language-related and for all languages • recent events: Déjà Vu workshop, seminar on medical terminology • your suggestions are welcome!

Public Relations Activities      

Articles in the press Articles in professional journals Publication of own quarterly newsletter Official membership directories Lectures and presentations Networking

Impulsreferat Kommunaldolmetschen,5.3.2010 - Inge Pinzker

Client-Focused PR

Joint stand of UNIVERSITAS Austria and AIIC Austria at access 2010

Ads in Newspapers and Magazines

Membership Directories Directory of interpreters and translators accessible to the public  Online query function on website  Printed booklet distributed to members and customers Online database of all members accessible to members only

Impulsreferat Kommunaldolmetschen,5.3.2010 - Inge Pinzker

Communication inside the Association This is how we keep in touch: ● Yahoo newsgroup ● newsletter ● continuing education events ● general meeting (first Friday in March) ● annual St. Jerome event (patron saint of translators, late September) … and of course our website!

Website: www.universitas.org Here you will find a a plethora of information and resources ranging from taxes to social insurance, from pricing to guidance notes for beginners, etc.

Relaunch: March 2011

All Associations at a Glance: www.translationsplattform.at

Our Newsletter Then and Now

Social Media: Facebook Group

“Film Stars”: Members of UNIVERSITAS Austria Documentary on conference interpreting:

Die Falten des Königs

For trailer go to: http://www.diefaltendeskoenigs.com/ger/Clips/Clip2

Where to Find Us Secretariat at Vienna‘s ZTW Opening hours: Monday 14:00 to 18:30 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: 8:30 to 12:30 E-Mail: [email protected]

Any Questions or Suggestions? Simply write an e-mail to:

[email protected] - secretariat [email protected]

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