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THE COMING ERA TRAINING PROGRAM “ Add your company slogan ”

Mini MBA By Maharat Center Tunisia Accredited from: APIS,

USA tunisiaminimba.blogspot.com



Program Overview & Objectives Program Training Modules Target Audience Instructors Overview Evaluation Tools Certificates Program Duration

Program Overview & Objectives  Due to the current circumstances in Tunisia and worldwide, and the scarcity of jobs provided by the Government we decided to develop such a rich, powerful, and reputable training program to be introduced to the youth of Tunisia as a part of our social responsibility to transfer knowledge, skills, and experiences needed to penetrate the challenging business field.  Mini MBA Program is an overview of the main cornerstones of business (Management, Accounting, HR, Finance, Marketing, Strategic Planning, etc) through the introduction of the latest business models and practices.

Program Overview & Objectives  Condensed, delivered intensively within a period of a few months with knowledge nearly equivalent to a two year duration MBA Program.  We put you on the right path towards business success.

Program Objectives:  Our main aim is to encourage small entrepreneurs, middle managers, and even fresh graduates to launch their own businesses, armed with the required business knowledge and experiences.  Mini MBA Program qualifies you to study in the reputable colleges world wide.

Program Overview & Objectives  Mini MBA Program strongly prepares you to get the Master of Business Administration degree besides its practical experience.  Learn from professional, academic and experienced business practitioners and tutors.  Raise the market price of your CV.  Whether you are a beginner at the subject or a senior trying to get the latest updates in your domain, you’ll find your demand in our Mini MBA Program.  Sharing experiences with peers, discussing case studies, and gaining practical experiences.

Program Contents Small Business Management Foundations of Managerial Accounting

Modern Strategic Management Self, Time, and Change Management

Understanding Financial Statements

MINI MBA Modules

HR Management

Marketing Management Effective Leadership & Business Ethics

Quality Management


Target Audience

Who Should Attend?

Financial & Banking Professionals

Instructors Overview Academics

Training Consultants Practitioners

Business Professionals

Evaluation Tools

Final Exam

At the end Of Program

Home Works

Take home Assignments

Workshops & Participation

Class Activities

Certificates Certificates

AIPS Certificate Available for review up on request.

Program Duration & your Investment

 Program Duration:  60 hours (10 days)  Each Module takes 6 hours • We also provide:  Discounts for groups.  Free CD containing dozens of books, videos, and presentations.  Extra library of valuable resources & text books that support trainees.

To remain First you mustslogan be the Best “ Addthe your company ”

tunisiaminimba.blogspot.com Call: +21697800262


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