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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Political Science
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Congress #6B Expressed Powers

Quick Review 1.


Malapportionment Gerrymander A.


1 Congressional district has 500,000 people, a nearby Congressional district has 750,000 people 1 Congressional district is primarily Republicans, a nearby congressional district has primarily Democrats

Definitions  Expressed

/ Enumerated Powers: written in Constitution

Expressed Powers  Tax

& Spend  Payroll taxes – Social Security  Income taxes

Borrow 

Deficit Spending: spend more than earned in revenue (money coming in / taxes) in a given period  In one month earned $1000, but spent $1200 – what is your deficit?

 Debt: Total amount owed 

If you continue to overspend by $200 per month for a year, what is your debt?

Commerce Intrastate Commerce: inside 1 state  Power of State  Interstate: between two + states  Power of Congress 

More Powers Currency – legal tender  Foreign Relations & War Powers:  Raise a military  Declare war! 

More Powers 

Naturalization – citizenship and immigration

Bankruptcy: judges decide if one cannot repay debt

And some more… 

Postal Power: Post Office

Copyrights & Patents  Copyright: work of art  Patent: invention

Weights & Measures: standardized

And the rest… 

Judicial Power: Congress determines the size & structure of the federal courts

And so, what can Congress not do?

Congress #7 Implied Powers

Matching 1.

2. 3. 4.


Commerce Expressed Power Senate House of Reps. Bicameral




D. E.

2 houses 435 members who serve 2 year terms Things that are written in the Constitution Business 100 members who serve 6 year terms

McCullough v. Maryland (1819)  Congress

created a national bank  Not an expressed power  Many thought it was unconstitutional

SC’s Decision Supreme Court = bank is legal  Const. says: Congress can do things that are “necessary & proper” to carry out their laws  aka the elastic clause of the Const. 

McCullough’s Impact  Implied

powers: Congress can do things related to their expressed powers

Implied Powers Chart Expressed Power Implied Power  Naturalization  Citizenship test  Passport  Border fence

CHART continues 

Raise a military


Patents & Copyrights

Pirating laws 

FBI warning at the beginning of movies

The Stretch-iest of all! 

Interstate Commerce

Drugs  Minimum wage laws  Regulate the environment 

How do commerce & environment relate? 

If one state has a lot of pollution, it will affect the commerce of that state. Fewer people will want to go there. Thus, less buying and selling of goods in that state.

Cong #9: Non-Legislative Power Quick Review: Matching  1. 2.

3. 4. 5. 6.

Expressed Power Implied Power Deficit Debt Bankruptcy Necessary & Proper Clause

A. B. C. D. E. F.

Power to tax Draft Elastic Clause Total amount owed Can’t repay debt Overspend in a given period

Non-Legislative Powers 

Impeachment: officially charged w/ “treason, bribery, or other high crimes or misdemeanors”  HR impeaches  S holds trial & can remove them from office  President, VP, federal judges


More POWER! Investigate  Steroids & Baseball  Bank bailout  Oversight  Make sure govt agencies spend money appropriately 

Senate’s Powers Confirm Appointments  President nominates federal judges, ambassadors, and others  S confirms  Ratify Treaty  Pres negotiates treaty  S ratifies 

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