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January 16, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Biology, Zoology, Parasitology
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Introduction to the Adaptation Fund NGO Network

Lisa Junghans International Climate Policy, Germanwatch

19 June 2014

Structure of the Network Current supported partners

Networ k 92 associated members Supported by

Host of the network

Mission of the Network Established in 2010 Critically and constructively accompany adaptation projects

Independent in-country civil society feedback and validation mechanism for the Adaptation Fund

Support of strategic objectives: Vulnerable people and direct access

New Phase until 2016 Advancing project implementation at AF level

In country activities

Policy work at AFB level

Regional hubs to support implementation

General CSO tracking of adaptation implementation at the national level

National tracking

Tools for CSO tracking

Inputs in existing and future national adaptation politics

Input of experience in adaptation policies and architecture

Other elements of the architecture

GCF set-up and implementation

Wider 2015 policy process

Ways to engage with the Network

www.af-network.org Coming up: First African NIE Workshop, Kenya 1-4 of July

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