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January 17, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Astronomy
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MICROMOUSE An Introduction


An autonomous maze-solving robot

Many interesting and innovative designs exist to sense and navigate the maze

Competitions began in the 1970s and have continued throughout today

Worldwide competitions held yearly in Asia and North America

YOUR LEADS Name: Andrew Chan

Major: EE, Class of 2016 Hobbies: Star Wars, GOT, physics, electronics What I did last summer: Interned at Sothern California Edison, learned how to drive the 405 and 5, ate a lot of good Asian food in SoCal

Name: Ivan Petkov Major: CSE, Class of 2015 Hobbies: Programming, racquetball, gaming, and electronics!

What I did last summer: worked at Symantec, did a lot of (outside) programming, and played Dishonored a lot


Hardware design: • Microcontrollers • Sensors and motors • Layout (PCB or perfboard)

Feedback control: • Keep the mouse centered • Don’t hit the walls!

Path-finding: • Floodfill, Dijikstra’s, A*, JPS, and many others! • Memory efficiency: microcontrollers typically have a couple kilobytes of RAM!


Initial $100 deposit

• IEEE will provide $250 worth of parts to build your Micromouse •

Goal: traverse 16 or more cells without touching any walls • Mouse will have to handle left and right turns, as well as dead-ends

Best option for beginners, even if you will try to solve the maze!


Initial $200 deposit

• IEEE will provide up to $500 worth of parts to build your Micromouse •

Goal: Reach the center of a 16x16 maze!

Great for experienced Micromouse participants, or highly competitive mice! • Can afford higher precision encoders, motors, and sensors


Extremely reliable

Improved precision

Compact and lightweight

Requires EAGLE CAD knowledge • UCLA IEEE holds Eagle workshops a few times throughout the year!

Highly recommended for competitive mice or those with more EE experience

We now have a PCB milling machine in the lab! • We can quickly create PCB prototypes for you* *Terms and Details Apply

COMPETITIONS • Plenty of opportunities to compete! • All-America MicroMouse at UCLA • California MicroMouse (CAMM) at UCSD • Region 6 Southern Area MicroMouse

RESOURCES • Weekly lectures • Topics ranging from basic to advanced concepts useful for beginners and veterans alike

RESOURCES • Micromouse wiki: http://micromouse.ieeebruins.org • All lecture presentations will be posted there • Additional information on parts, hardware, and software will be posted there as well

RESOURCES • Workshop projects • This year we will be introducing several mini-projects to the program • Each focuses on a core Micromouse topic • e.g. Wall detection, maze traversal/turning, etc.

• It will allow you to practice the concepts you have learned sooner, without having to wait to receive all your parts • More info will be given later!

EXPECTATIONS • Do your best to attend lecture

• Work on the workshop projects • Document your mouse! • Schematics, parts, and software!

EXPECTATIONS • Ask us questions!!

• We are here to point you in the right direction! • If lectures are unclear or you want a different explanation, ask us right away!

• Contact us at [email protected]

EXPECTATIONS • And most importantly: have fun!!! • Micromouse is awesome and a SUPER rewarding project once you get it running, even if you don’t find the center of the maze!


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