Predicting Outcomes

January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Writing, Spelling
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Making Predictions Predicting Outcomes

• Predicting outcomes means deciding in advance what will happen in a story, based on clues in the passage and your experience with similar situations.

What I already know. + Clues in the story. = my prediction.

Predicting Outcomes Lupe had not done well on any spelling work all week long. “This is sure a hard list of words this week,” Lupe thought to himself. The night before the test Lupe planned to study extra hard for his spelling test, but he started watching a TV show and forgot all about the test. The next morning the teacher said , “All right, class. Get ready for your spelling test.”

A probable outcome for this story isa. Lupe will do well on the test. b. The teacher will give easier words for the test. c. Lupe will not do well on the test. d. Lupe will not have to take the test.

Lets try another oneJasmine is afraid of snakes. One day as she was walking to school, she spotted a small green garden snake. One might predict that-

a. Jasmine will hurry by the snake. b. Jasmine will pick up the snake and play with it. c. Jasmine will take the snake to school with her. d. The snake will bite Jasmine.

Great Job! I predict you will do just fine.

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