Preparing an IC Résumé (PowerPoint Presentation)

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Intelligence Community Résumé Writing IC Familiarization Series Great Plains National Security Education Consortium August, 2012 This briefing is UNCLASSIFIED

Audience Purpose Theme Substance Style Perfection


Job Fair


Human Resources

Hiring Manager

Purpose Survive computer filter Grab attention for follow up Snag an interview

The Hiring Manager • Put yourself in her position: – Very busy – lots of urgent and important substantive demands (they are evaluated on substance; less on admin) – Hiring is important, but not urgent  Résumés stack up in a big pile

– Most résumés / applications start looking the same painful

• Even a busy manager will read an engaging résumé / application – Long résumés OK – if good – It solves her problem – gets an interview scheduled – Managers often “satisfice” – not optimize

Theme • Essentially, your objective statement • Why is this so important? – There are lots of jobs – which office should they send it to? – What are you passionate about? – Are your desires commensurate with your skills?

• Your objective statement should demonstrate your understanding of the agency and job • Your FEAR: That you will limit your options – If you are focused, they may pass on you – If you are unfocused, they probably will pass on you – Hedge with multiple options – if your résumé supports them

• Be clever

Needs Help “Complete undergraduate education at Creighton University and then to advance either to graduate school to receive further education or, if offered employment within the intelligence community, begin working after completing undergrad as an analyst.”

“Obtain a position in the Intelligence Community that will provide a foundation of knowledge, training and necessary skill sets for a career in Intelligence.”

“Obtain an intelligence position that can benefit from my education, professional and research experience”

Getting Better “Seeking a position that will incorporate my legal and financial analytical skills, as well as my foreign language ability in order to help provide safety and security to our nation.” “Obtain a career as a Counterterrorism Analyst within the Department of Homeland Security.”

“Obtain an intelligence analyst position working on issues related to East Asia, particularly China.” “Obtain a position within the Intelligence Community using my corporate experience and diverse life experiences in support of field operations domestically and internationally.”

Real Examples from IC • Don’t tell the IC your objective is:  “To attend law school”  “Formulate policy”  “Lead sales teams”  “A post in the State Department”  A position with a Fortune 500 company…”  A position with the “National Security Administration”

Substance • Supports the objective statement with data • Show, don’t tell – Don’t say “I’m a leader”; prove it with examples

• Demonstrate: – – – –

Passion Ambition Intellectual capability Achievement

– – – –

Focus Experience Character Skills

• Never brag, spin, or embellish – Adjectives, particularly superlatives, are your enemy

• Honesty – It goes without saying, but it must be said

Demonstrate: • • • • • • •

You understand the job You have the skills You are a team player You are a leader You have initiative You are curious and have diverse interests Do not demonstrate overt political bias – but political affiliation is OK Find examples of these factors in your life and get them on the résumé. If you don’t have any, go get them.

Highlight: • Any case studies done • Research experience and skills • Quantitative skills – Modeling and simulation – Statistics and regression – Applied math

• Ability to organize, manipulate, and mine large amounts of data Find examples of these factors in your life and get them on the résumé. If you don’t have any, go get them.

“A summer spent in a non-mission relevant job is a wasted opportunity. There is always some other kid who did an unpaid internship in DC.”

Organization Depends on the Job • • • • • • • •

Operations Objective Education Languages Travel Leadership & Service Experience Research Awards

• • • • • • • •

Analysis Objective Education Research Languages Travel Leadership & Service Experience Awards

• • • • • • • •

Support Objective Education Experience Leadership & Service Travel Languages Research Awards

But organize in whatever way makes sense

The Numbers Game Thousands of Applications

HR whittles down to reasonable number

~ 120 Applications to Hiring Manager

~ 10 Interviews 3 Conditional Offers of Employment 1 Hire






Thousands of Applications


Survive Filter


Agency/Job Key Words

HR whittles down to reasonable number

HR Professional

Get routed to Relevant office


Office-Specific Interests and Skills

~ 120 Applications to Hiring Manager

Technical Hiring Manager

Snag Interview

Résumé supports objective

Education Skills Experience Character

~ 10 Interviews

Technical Hiring Manager

Successful Interview

I will fit in

Be yourself

3 Conditional Offers of Employment 1 Hire

Style • • • • •

Bullets v. narrative Formatting Font and typeface choices Passive v. active voice Don’t: – Use Word templates – Use pictures – Display your sense of humor

Style – email address • Your email makes an immediate impression on the reader • Make your name at least part of your email address

• More examples from IC:  [email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected]  skywalker753…  [email protected][email protected][email protected]

Length and Style • Job Fair – One page and bullets

• Hiring Manager – ≤ 3 pages – Narrative and bullets

• Application Validation (e.g., USAJobs) – Any length – Either narrative or bullets or both

Perfection • The document must be perfect – Your reviewers write perfect documents for a living – They edit menus and The New Yorker for sport

• Spelling, grammar, formatting – One error – survivable (except grammar – major doubts) – Two – serious doubts – Three – forgetaboutit

• Read it backwards • Read it out loud • Have someone else – who’s good – read it

Random Notes • This should take a long time – several hours • Ask of every word: Is this word necessary? Is there a better word? Am I sure I know what this word actually means? • Never say “References by Request” • Dare to write well; differently – Paint an engaging picture of yourself without being cute or dorky – Be the Apple of the IC

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