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County Organizational Meeting

J. Michael Blaska Wisconsin Counties Association

Constitutional Authority

Legislature may confer on boards powers of a local, legislative & administrative character

Identifies county officers as well as conditions of elections, removal & terms

Statutory Authority 

Authority comes from Chapter 59

Counties are a body corporate that can sue and be sued

Powers are limited by state statute

Administrative Home Rule Sec. 59.03(1) – Every county may exercise any organizational or administrative power, subject only to the constitution and to any enactment of the legislature which is of statewide concern and which uniformly affects every county.

Administrative Home Rule

Sec. 59.04 Construction of Powers. To give counties the largest measure of self government under the administrative home rule authority granted to counties… liberally construed in favor of the rights, powers and privileges of counties to exercise any organizational or administrative power

Self Organized Counties Self organization provides more flexibility on the manner in which the board of supervisors may operate   

Use of staggered terms Compensation of supervisors Filling county supervisor vacancies

Self Organized Counties How accomplished? 

Majority of whole board adopts an ordinance invoking the authority of the authorizing statute County board adopts the policies it desires

Organizational Meeting

 

Required to meet on the third Tuesday of April May adjourn to different date Purpose is to organize & transact business

Prepare Agenda

  

  

Call to Order Roll Call Oath of Office Election of Officers (list) Adoption of Rules Business Adjournment

Organizational Meeting

Conducting The Elections

Who Runs the Meeting    

May be the current chair May be the former chair that was defeated May be the vice-chair or 2nd vice chair May be someone trusted Should not be someone who is seeking the office

Nominations    

Declare the floor open for nominations Need not be recognized by the chair Anyone can nominate Can nominate yourself Chair should restate the nominee placing their name before the body Nomination speeches are allowed

Nominations 

 

No second required but allowed to show support Seconding speeches are allowed Technically nominations are not necessary each member is free to vote for anyone eligible

Nominations 

Motion to close 

 

  

No motion necessary but may accept a motion to close Not in order until reasonable time has been given Is out of order if someone is seeking the floor Requires 2/3 vote No requirement to ask 3 times Chair can declare nominations are closed

Elections  

May allow candidates to say a few words If only one candidate the chair may accept a motion to close nominations & cast a unanimous ballot If only one candidate the chair may declare the candidate the victor Appoint ballot clerks – perhaps the county clerk & a respected board member

Elections    

Only time a secret ballot may be used Continue to vote until a majority is reached Never drop off the lowest candidate Candidates may withdraw When unable to reach a majority: take a recess, allow the candidates to speak, allow members to speak Winner takes the chair

Elections 

Impropriety of limiting voting to the 2 leading candidates 

Leading candidates may represent 2 different factions – division may be deepened May unite members w/compromise candidate

Improper to remove nominee w/lowest votes  

Repeat balloting until you have a winner Nominee w/lowest number of votes could be a “dark horse” who all can agree on

Organizational Meeting

Board Rules

Sources of Procedural Rules 

State Statues

Local Rules

Robert’s Rules of Order


Content Chapters  

County Board Officers Organization of the County Board Procedural Rules of the County Board

County Board Officers   

Duties of chairperson Duties of vice-chairperson or persons Duties of sergeant-at-arms one or two?  male & female? (may need to hold more elections if new rules add officers) 

Organization of the Board 

   

Determine standing committees & responsibilities Other committees & responsibilities Staff Assistance Scheduling, notice, conduct Public appearances at committee & county board

Organization of the Board Standing Committees Name the committees Responsibilities Number of members How appointed – board chair or committee Officers appointed or elected

Organization of the Board Committee Creation County

may establish as many standing & advisory committees as it deems necessary Committee

chair has authority to set the agenda, preside at meetings, make reports and make recommendations on the committee’s behalf

Procedural Rules 

   

Resolutions: form, referrals, how processed, fiscal analysis, county board action Seating arrangements, board members, staff, department heads, general public County board calendar – who prepares? Order of business Parliamentary procedure Define Session

Procedural Rules-Resolutions  

 

 

What is the format – who drafts How are resolutions introduced – members, committee, anytime, board meetings What happens w/resolution once introduced What is the referral process – chair, committee, clerk How do they get on committee calendar What happens once approved

Procedural Rules - Order of Business    

 

Call to order Special matters & announcements Approval of bills & accounts Approval of proceedings(minutes) Consent calendar Reports on zoning committee

Procedural Rules - Order of Business    

Ordinances Award of contracts Resolutions Special order of business Such other business as allowed by law

Procedural Rules - Parliamentary Procedure Identify

rules specific to county List common or basic rules of order Designate Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised 11th Edition for questions not covered in board rules

Procedural Rules - Session

Definition of session determines when business can be brought back before the assembly A session may be one meeting, 1 year, the term of supervisor or as determined

County Board Rules 

Current board should review rules & amend as necessary prior to organizational meeting New board adopts rules at organizational meeting Rules should be incorporated into county ordinance

We have to stop meeting this way

Ukrainian Parliament-April 26, 2010 Source: “Ukraine Passes Deal Under Hail of Eggs”


Wisconsin Counties Association

J. Michael Blaska Chief of Staff 22 E. Mifflin St., Suite 900 Madison, WI 53703 608-663-7188 [email protected]

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