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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Political Science
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Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro and its Effect on the Political, Economic, and Social Landscape of Mindanao Secretary Teresita Quintos Deles 01 February 2012 Philippine Development Forum Davao City

Miriam Coronel-Ferrer - First woman chair of the GPH Peace Panel - Professor of Political Science, University of the Philippines



on Power Sharing on Wealth Sharing on Normalization on Transition Modalities

-Signed during the 35th Formal Exploratory Talks -Will review, assess, evaluate and monitor the implementation of the FAB


Third Party Monitoring Team

Flexibility has always been our trademark in this process. There are difficult issues, but no issue is insurmountable. - Chair Miriam Coronel-Ferrer

annexes on Power Sharing on Wealth Sharing


Basic Law

passed by Congress and ratified in a plebiscite

Parameters for the crafting of the


Basic Law

Defense and External Security Foreign Policy Common Market and Global Trade Coinage and Monetary Policy Citizenship and Naturalization Postal Service



Auditing and Administration of Justice

Culture Fisheries Forestry Basic Services Etc.


Basic Law

greater fiscal autonomy that will allow the Bangsamoro to define its development path


Basic Law

will consider that Bangsamoro has an obligation to contribute to the national coffers

annex on Normalization policing

transfer of law enforcement functions from the AFP to the PNP

Communities ‘ return to conditions where they can achieve their desired quality of life


reduction and control of firearms in the area and disbandment of private armies and other armed groups

annex on Normalization Decommissioning -- phased and calibrated -- to happen substantially when the basic law is delivered -- with socio-economic support

As fighters see this on the ground Peace is real

There is livelihood

Children go to school

Land can be cultivated

Health centers

On status of Transition Commission the Executive Order 120 creating the Transition Commission was signed by the President last December 17.



2 tracks on the Development of the Bangsamaro

Track 1 For immediate MILF families and communities, IDPS, women and children

Track 2 massive and long term reconstruction and rehabilitation of the entire Bangsamoro region

Bangsamoro Basic Law -- build legitimate institutions that will guarantee inclusive growth, increase participation in the political and economic decision making, as well as guard against interests that are inimical to social, political and economic empowerment.

Reformists need to engage the state and the government if we want to entrench systems and mechanisms for long term reform. If not, we leave these same systems and mechanisms to those whose only desire is maintain the status quo.

Institutional reform

inclusive social and political institutions

effort to develop bangsamoro

development that makes a difference in the lives of people in Mindanao

GPH - CPP/NPA/NDF Peace Negotiations

PRESS COMMUNIQUE issued by Ambassador Ture Lundh resulting from the meeting in the Netherlands In December, 2012, and contains a report by the Royal Norwegian Government Facilitator that special representatives of both parties 1) met in The Hague hosted by the RNG, 2) agreed to continue discussion on 5 broad topics including truce, and 3) affirmed nationwide ceasefire from December 20, 2012 to January 15, 2013.

“We are calling on the New People’s Army operating in these areas to truly show they care for these communities by taking this historic opportunity and partner with us in healing and reconstructing communities badly affected by Pablo.”

Every moment provides us with an opportunity to bring peace in our country

As always, we will need to have a resolve that will carry us through the challenging times, a spirit that allows us to imagine a future different from the past, and the courage to believe that peace is truly within our reach.

Thank you!

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