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Leisure Industry key to Implementation of Obesity Strategy Presented by Ms Christine Moloney Mr Barry Walsh

More people - More Active - More Often

Introduction 

Mr Barry Walsh, Managing Director   

Bsc Leisure Management Msc Executive Leadership 20 years leisure experience

Private Leisure   

1escape health club. , Smithfield The Fitness Dock Medfit proactive healthcare, Blackrock – Medical exercise facility.

President of ILAM

Ms Christine Moloney CEO, LeisureWorld Cork City

Dip in Management / MBA

19 years in Leisure Industry

5 Sites – Public Leisure 110 personnel Approx 1,000,000 visits pa Provide Private swim lesson for 1,200 children per week Provide accessible Pool time to 80 School Bookings per week

Vice President of ILAM

  

About US  ILAM is a not for profit organisation  National members employer body for the Leisure,

Fitness & Recreational Industry in 26 counties across Ireland  We represent leisure centres in public & private sector

outdoor pursuit centres, community centres, & education providers

About ILAM  There are approx 700 leisure centres in 26 counties

across Ireland (not incl Independent operators

community centres etc )

 Our Industry Employs a broad spectrum of

professionals for example fitness professional, Cardiac

Rehab, GP Referral, swim instructors, physio’s

Role of ILAM A voluntary board who’s primary aim is to self regulate our Industry and promote our competencies to our Communities ... •ILAM self regulates our industry through: •White Flag Quality Standard •Child Protection Code / Garda Vetting •REPS Ireland •Accessible Leisure Centres


Fitness Professionals


ILAM Government Departments



Medical Industry

Education Authorities & Training Providers

ILAM Strategic Partners  IHRSA – Global Association  EFHA – European Fitness Association ( based in

Brussels)  FIA – UK Fitness Association  Each body undertakes research and lobbies on behalf of

our industry to improve participation to tackle the health issues facing our society due to inactivity

Purpose  To present the opportunity that exists for the Leisure

Industry to implement Obesity strategies through our facilities & personnel ....... Our Assumptions;  The diagnosis processes is completed  The Interventions processes are identified. The question;  HOW TO IMPLEMENT EFFECTIVELY ?

Participation Leisure industry is ALL about increasing participation Our facilities are currently in Communities WE need:  

Multi Level Partnership, collaboration and a common vision Commitment from all agencies, institutions and organisations to make the change ...



Referral Pathways ...  Our Industry has the competencies and resources to

provide a referral pathway for obese/pre obese clients

before medical intervention is required  Our industry is part of the multi disciplinary approach

to increase participation throughout our society as a Primary Care solution

Example – MEND UK model MEND to tackle obesity through Community Implementation for 7 -13 year olds

Interventions through Behavioural change, land based activities, water based activities & Nutrition education Settings for implementation are:  After school , Community, Group-based Venues

include: schools, leisure centres, community centres

LeisureWorld Case Study  Develop a project that will prove that our industry can

provide a sustainable and successful approach to citizens whose health issues can be tackled  Promote Leisure Industry as a key provider to open

pathways and offer direct access to the public that would benefit from an exercise professional advice and support

Project Weight Loss was born...  Pilot 12 week program  Initially advertising for 30 participants, who all have a

Body Mass Index (BMI) over 25 and are currently inactive.  The initial pilot project was oversubscribed with over 120 applicants  60 participants initially accommodated.  Supported by Cork Sport Partnership

Project Weight Loss Results – 12 weeks Number of Participa nts


Max Start Weight

Average Start Weight

Average Finish Weight

Max Weight Loss

Max Average Size Loss Size Loss

179 kg

107 kg

100 kg

18 kg

44 cm

17 cm

OUTCOMES of Project Weight Loss • Over 12 months 300 participated in the program • 15 – 20 % not completing due to health/life issues • 40 % exercising independently in gym and activity based • 40% remain in contact with program • 45 participants in current program ( number

limited due to staff and resources – demand would suggest 3 times more active at anyone time )

Sample Participants Comments  “The company of others in the same situation and

proper instruction and motivation.”  “The staff are genuinely interested and keen to help.”  “The clear instructions of staff and the push to improve

without pushing too far. *I am delighted with how I feel.”

Sample Participants Comments  “I am trying to adopt a new lifestyle-to be fitter and

healthier.”  “Movement is easier”  “My breathing has improved. I am able to exercise for

longer and my clothes feel a little


The Future Plan ...  Our VISION is to implement nationwide through

ILAM and Sports Partnerships.  HSE Health Promotion Unit NOW involved and

endorse the program  Cork Sport Partnership supporting initiative in County  Leader Training for 8 centres be undertaken in Dec 2012 by LeisureWorld & HSE

Summary  The Project proves we can help and we have the

capability to improve lifestyle behaviours, the pilot scheme has provided the hard evidence of these facts and therefore they are not the aspirations of one person anymore...they are facts and we have made a

difference to people’s lives!

Support our Industry needs...  Include our industry in the fight against obesity we are an

IMPORTANT STAKEHOLDER  Key Agencies to Support & Endorse activities to improve

participation through our Industry OTHER  Reduce VAT on swimming and teaching children to swim  BIK on leisure membership – counter productive!  Health Insurance Incentives to reward the  consumer for being active

Summary  Leisure Industry Facilities & Personnel can

support the family unit from cradle to grave with activities & education through multi disciplinary and a collaborative focus. ( CSPPA Study, ISC, Strategic Advice, pg 135)


Let us HELP ...... Our Industry is a great Resource but under Utilized at present

Active Children... Active Adults

More people - More Active - More Often


More people - More Active - More Often

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