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CQI Wessex branch presentation 10 November 2009 1. 2. 3. 4.

Current situation What’s new in CQI Education What’s new in CQI Membership CQI Website

CQI Awarding body

CQI offers 2 nationally accredited professional qualifications:

Diploma in Quality- for those already working in quality orientated role and want professional recognition • • •

6 modules 2-3 years to complete assignment and examination

Certificate in Quality – an introduction to quality • • •

3 modules 1 year to complete assignment and examination

We have 23 education centres offering our qualifications on distance learning or part-time basis. Distance learning providers • Aberdeen College • Adam Smith College • Bishop Auckland College • Peterborough Regional College • H & R Quality Services • BSBM • QMT • RRC Training

Part-time study centres • University of Glamorgan • Southern Regional College • Newbury College • Blackburn College • Birmingham City University • Eastleigh College • City College Birmingham

2009 World in pictures…

2009 World so far…

1st January - Slovakia adopted Euro as its national currency, replacing the Slovak koruna 20 January - Barack Obama was inaugurated as the 44th and first African American president 2 April- the second G-20 summit in London, involving state leaders rather than the usual finance ministers 8 May - Daily Telegraph informed the public about parliamentary expenses scandal 24 June - Michael Jackson died 19 October - Jenson Button was crowned as Formula One world champion

The Chartered Quality Institute

What’s new…

CQI 2009 - New Website

CQI 2009 – Revamp of Quality World

World Quality Day 2009 • Feedback from WQD 2008 showed that members want more regional events • CQI branches involved in organising local WQD events • Organisations can also run WQD events themselves. For example, the CQI has teamed up with Sellafield Ltd to promote World Quality Day at the Sellafield Centre on Wednesday 11 November 2009. More than 1000 people signed up for this event.

CQI in national press 3 June 2009 – CQI in Times “The professionals whose job is to get it right, from start to finish” 12 October 2009 – CQI in Financial Times “Managers sense quality is back in fashion”

CQI 2009 - What has everyone been waiting for???

CQI 2009


We have developed new qualifications which: 1.

Meet employer and individual needs


Link logically to membership progression


Meet the new Qualification & Credit Framework

Employer needs Input from: • Automotive • Aerospace • Consumer goods

• • • • •

Defence Energy Marine Software Telecoms

Feedback: • Job role based quals • Shorter chunks • More local centres • Better quality learning • Progression to CQP

Employers’ output  Quality management introduction  Systems management  Supplier quality assurance  Audit

 Business improvement  Service/product quality  Quality management  Quality leadership

Qualification & Credit Framework For learners the QCF will: • offer more freedom, choice and flexibility • give easy access to information • allow them to build up credits at their own pace

• enable them to transfer credits between qualifications

New Vocational Qualifications Certificate

Quality management

Level 3


Systems management

Level 5


Service/product quality

Level 5


Supplier quality assurance

Level 5


Business improvement

Level 5



Level 5


Quality management

Level 5


Quality leadership

Level 7

Certificate in Quality Management Level 3 • People in quality • Quality management • Using quality to improve business performance • Monitoring and measuring for quality • Management systems models

Certificate in managing supply chain quality Level 5 • • + • • • •

People in quality Quality management Quality in supply chain Monitoring and measuring for quality Quality control Quality related legislation and regulation

Diploma in Quality Management Level 5 • Quality control

• Management system models

• Business Research

• Monitoring and measuring for quality

• People in Quality • Quality management • Quality related legislation and regulation • Quality planning in the product life cycle

• Using quality to improve business performance

New Vocational Qualifications- the UNITS • Level 3 units • Audit

• Level 5 units

• Human factors

• Business Research

• Management system models

• Human factors

• Monitoring and measuring

• Legislation and regulation

• Quality management • Using quality to improve business

• Audit

• Life cycle • Management system models

• Level 7 units • Human factors

• Monitoring and measuring

• Life cycle

• Quality control

• Management system models

• Quality management

• Monitoring and measuring

• Supplier relations and management

• Using quality to improve business

• Using quality to improve business

• Quality assurance

Proposed new membership grades in 2010 Grade


Work Experience


BoQK Coverage

Associate ACQI





Technician TCQI

Level 3 Certificate or equivalent

1 year



Technicians have demonstrated an overview understanding of quality and the quality function and who are working within a role involving quality.

Practitioner PCQI

Any level 5 Certificate or equivalent Or Experiential Route

3 Years


One aspect of quality management

Practitioners have demonstrated relevant competence and experience within at least one aspect of the quality management discipline. This may include for example: quality related auditing; product or service quality assurance; business improvement; business systems management; compliance management.

Member Chartered Quality Professional CQP MCQI

Level 5 Diploma or equivalent Or Experiential Route

5 years


Members have demonstrated relevant competence and experience in the broad rage of the quality management discipline defined in the BoQK, and deploy the quality management approach and the associated tools and techniques to ensure that their organisation consistently satisfies its customers and stakeholders, and continually improves its performance. Quality is usually the main focus of their work.

Fellow Chartered Quality Professional CQP FCQI

As Member plus ‘expertise’ or ‘eminence’

5 years


Fellow is the highest grade of CQI membership. In addition to the requirements for the Member grade, Fellows must demonstrate a personal contribution to furthering the profession.




Associates are usually those involved in quality at work who would like access to CQI membership benefits, but have yet to demonstrate the competences required for higher grades.

Comparision of mean salaries by CQI membership grade Non-member ACQI MCQI MCQI CQP FCQI FCQI CQP £0

£10,000 £20,000 £30,000 £40,000 £50,000 £60,000 £70,000 £80,000

Source: QW Salary survey 2009

Proposed company membership scheme

• Current scheme: “no barriers to entry” • New proposal: only those companies will be accepted that have demonstrated their commitment to training and qualifying their staff in quality • CQI will help to educate the staff and achieve higher levels of membership

CQI 2009 - New Website

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