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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Business, Management, Business Information Systems
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NY, London, Paris, Munich Everybody’s Talkin’ ‘bout Mobile BI

October 15-18, 2013 Charlotte, NC

Paul Turley, Mentor SolidQ

Please silence cell phones

October 15-18, 2013 | Charlotte, NC

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a little about you

Continent Distance Job Role What did you Come to Learn… Returning to implement

Session Description In 1995, Bill Gates said the goal at Microsoft was "... empowering people through great software any time, any place, and on any device.” Taking that to heart, 2013 will be known as the year of Microsoft Mobile BI. A lot of innovation has come out of the product teams over the past few months, including some exciting new mobile BI capabilities that can put on-the-go business leaders and information workers in the information driver seat (but no data exploring while driving, please!). Practically every reporting and dashboard product has a mobile capability, and some new tools have been designed specifically for tablet devices. Use Power View, SSRS reports, and Excel visuals on your iPad and Surface RT. Build and use compelling visual dashboards and analytic exploration on almost any device. Most importantly, learn to design the semantic model layer and security to make all the magic happen for your business


What Makes a BI Solution “Mobile”?

Tactile, responsive & interactive Optimized for screen size & navigation

Mobile browser capable


Touch gesture & tablet user interface

Understanding Mobile BI Requirements Fewer features in a more streamlined UI should mean that there are fewer requirements to manage, right?

…no. Delivering optimized functionality with fewer features requires a better understanding of the most important requirements! 7

Mobile BI on the Microsoft Platform Requirement

Excel PivotTables, charts & slicers

SharePoint Enterprise Excel Services

Capability Renders HTML with basic Excel features Compatible with most devices & browsers Good mobile experience

SQL Server 2012 all editions

Renders HTML Compatible with most devices & browsers Good mobile experience

Power View

SQL Server 2012 Enterprise & BI editions SharePoint Enterprise

Requires Silverlight capable browser No current support for iPad & Surface RT

Power BI (Power View & Excel Services)

Office 365 subscription (after preview period)

Native Surface app HTML5 support for other devices

Reporting Services


Mobile BI in the Cloud Power BI Components Excel Pivot Tables & Visuals Windows Desktop

HTML5 / mobile browser Native Surface RT/Pro Native iPad


Power Pivot

Power View

Excel add-in only

adaptive: Silverlight, HTML & Surface app





Power Query

Power Map


Excel add-in only

Excel add-in only

requires Silverlight

 if Silverlight supported

Mobile BI in the Cloud Power BI

Azure Services Azure Websites

Azure VM

Azure SQL Reporting

Through Data Management Gateway (Manual refresh currently supported in preview)

On-premise data source

Demo Power BI on mobile devices


October 15-18, 2013 | Charlotte, NC

On Premise Mobile BI SharePoint Microsoft Stack

Non-SharePoint Microsoft Data Platform

Third-party Tools Microsoft Data Platform

Excel Services

Power View

Power Pivot models

Reporting Services

Tabular models

Multidimensional models


Reporting Services

Tabular models


Multidimensional models Multidimensional models

Tabular models

Relational SQL

Products to Consider (examples - not an endorsement) Strategy Companion Web-based self-service analysis and dashboard tool, mature product, many features. Deep SSAS product heritage.

Pyramid Analytics Emerging full-featured dashboard and analysis suite with a very good user experience concept and feature set.

Enterprise Software Solutions Mature SSAS browsing, dashboard and analysis suite with a very good integration with SSAS & SSRS. Essential enterprise SSAS server monitoring & management tools.

Tableau Industry-standard visualization and analysis tool suite; elite-class Desktop, server and new Personal tool

Forerunner Mobility enhancements for native mode SQL Server Reporting Services. Streamlined menus and folders, extended parameter enhancements, personalization. Deep history with product.

DataZen New product based on ComponentArt data custom development components. Very rich, interactive mobile dashbpards with native apps on Window 8 tablets, Windows phone, iPad and iPhone. Author on the tablet.


Demos Third-party mobile & custom UI on the Microsoft BI platform


October 15-18, 2013 | Charlotte, NC

Mobile Dashboard Design Essentials • Use well-established visual metaphors • Simplify! One of the greatest lessons learned in the new era of portable device user interface design is that less is more. We simply can’t just keep adding more features.

• Provide interactivity • Encapsulate logic in the semantic model • • • • •

Aggregations Calculations Hierarchies KPIs Formatting

• One size does not fit all 15

Your Next Move


To the Cloud

Data size Compliance Control Cost

Modelling & Architecture SharePoint On Premise

Mobile Product



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October 15-18, 2013 | Charlotte, NC

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