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January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Business, Economics, International Economics
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Press Release REECO Group expands to Serbia and Western Balkans: RENEXPO® June 11th – 12th 2014 – Belgrade, Trade Fair and Conference on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

RENEXPO®: Opening doors and building bridges Novi Sad, February 5, 2014: The European wide series of RENEXPO® events will be expanded by a new pillar: the RENEXPO® Western Balkans. From June 11th – 12th 2014, REECO group will host this distinguished event in Belgrade's Sava Centre, covering the entire range of renewable energies and energy efficient building and renovation. Several high class conferences will update multipliers of the industry regarding the state of art of the Serbian and Western Balkans renewable energy sector. The entire region of Western Balkans has a high potential for renewable energy, which is ®

an important part of the country's energy balance. The first RENEXPO held in Belgrade, will help to fulfil the EU's commitment of the region. With extensive government support, the country is one of the most attractive locations for companies seeking to explore the important and fast-growing markets of renewable energy and energy efficiency. ®

RENEXPO Western Balkans will integrate all relevant topics regarding renewable energy and energy efficiency – from alternative energy sources to building and renovation. The event will be held at exhibition hall in Sava Center in the capital of Serbia, Belgrade – one of the most welcoming places for hosting international trade fairs and conferences. ®

RENEXPO Western Balkans aims to become the leading event in Serbia and region on renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Through its large international network and the close collaboration with organizations and ®

enterprises in Europe, the RENEXPO Western Balkans will be the central meeting point for the sustainable industry in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro. The international character of the event will be underlined by the fact that Serbia has become official EU candidate and one of the countries that is next in line to join the union.


Press Release

The established series of RENEXPO® events, together with the very promising upcoming market of Serbia, are the guarantee for the success of a new, trend setting and innovative South East European energy platform. About REECO Group: The organizer REECO SRB d.o.o. is part of the REECO Group with headquarters in Germany and subsidiaries in 5 countries: Austria, Poland, Hungary, Romania and now Serbia. Annually REECO organizes 10 trade fairs and congresses with more than 2.000 exhibitors, 40.000 Visitors, 4.000 Congress participants as well as 500 presenters/speakers. All trade fair dates can be found on

Press contact: Matea Medari REECO SRB d.o.o Petra Drapšina 33 21000 Novi Sad Tel.: +381 - (0) 21- 210 1898 Fax: +381 - (0) 21 - 210 1896 [email protected]

Sales contact: Vedran Vidovi REECO SRB d.o.o Petra Drapšina 33 21000 Novi Sad Tel.: +381 - (0) 21 - 210 1897 Fax: +381 - (0) 21 - 210 1896 [email protected]


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