Pricing Services and Customer Inquiry

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Pricing Services and Customer Inquiry   

Adding new clients; preventing customer conflicts View trends of previous Landstar and Transcore rate data by lane for pricing assistance Single point to obtain assistance in processing bids and RFIs Library of tools that assist in the customer RFP/Bid process

Revised: 7/2013

Customer Inquiry Request • All prospective customer accounts must be reviewed and approved to pursue prior to establishing credit.

Request Process • Email customer list to [email protected] or call 866-993-8545 Email content should include: •Customer name in the subject line •Address, city, state and zip of shipping facility •Mode •Agency code •Customer account number if applicable Note:

5 accounts will be reviewed and processed per day with a 24 hour turn around.(Include high priority accounts first)

• Account incumbency will be determined by bill to and shipping location

• Criteria Reviewed: •

• • • • • •

Last 3 months of revenue/volume levels. If no revenue is found we look at a year Seasonal accounts are verified Current mode(s) of transportation Shipping location Open bids Corporate Sales Assignment Previous inquiry within 90 Days

Confirmation • When the review is concluded information will be emailed to

the agent with a response of OK to pursue or closed to pursuit due to incumbency. • If response from Customer Inquiry is “Ok to pursue”, submit application to the Credit department to establish credit for your agency

(if account number was listed on your email from Customer Inquiry; input the number in the Account# field at the bottom of the Credit application.)

RFP Process - Send all bids/RFI’s to [email protected]

Sales / Opportunity Owner



Field/Corp Sales

Expedited / Ocean & Air

Pricing Services

Heavy Haul LTL



Contract Services Cargo Compliance

Account Management Procurement

Landstar Support Services

Bid Communications

Business Analysis Rating Tool  Network Capacity Information on Broker and BCOs  Network Imbalance Data  Market Comparables

RATING FACTORS Before rating below are factors to consider:      

Can you broker? Mileage program –PC Miler and Rand McNally Mile maker Customer current FSC program Commodity? Equipment Type Special Requirements

 Drop and Hook  Team  Hazmat  High Value/High Risk

 Cents per mile rate, per hundred Weight rate, or Flat rate?  Type of accessorial needed?  Capacity requirements?  Competition  Geographic area  Volume - Seasonality  Rate term – 1 year, 2 years? “This list varies from bid to bid. It’s designed to start the thinking process for rating lanes”. Important: Read & Understand the bid requirements before rating each lane. Make sure all bids are turned in on or before the due date. If you have any questions or concerns about a bid, please call the facilitator of the bid.

MILEAGE PROGRAM ACCESS Know the program designated by your CUSTOMER!! PC Miler and Rand McNally mileage systems inquiries are available to LEADS and Orbit users. Landstar supports P C Miler versions 14 through 26 . PC Miler can be obtained one of 3 ways: City/ST to City/ST, City/ST to 5 digit zip or 5 digit zip to 5 digit zip. We can also get Practical miles (P) or shortest miles (S). We also support Rand McNally (LEADS miles = Rand McNally Mile- maker miles).

Locating Mileage Programs: Leads



• Inquiry Menu

• Leads Operating Menu

•Opt - 22: Milemaker (Rand McNally)

• Agent Main System Menu

•Opt - 23: PC Miler

• Opt -33: Government Miles (PC Miler) • Opt -14: Mileage for Multiple Points • Opt -15: Origin to Multiple Destinations

Fuel Surcharge • - Updated Monday by 3 PM • Weekly updates by 10 AM on Tuesday • Fuel Surcharge was created to help compensate for the higher price of diesel fuel • BCO expects FSC to be split out on the freight invoice • First check to see is we have a FSC in place, if not okay to split out, just don’t exceed the Landstar standard for that specific week.


Pricing Schedule:  

Customer Signature not required, but may be requested. Agents can agree to rates with published pricing to customer.

Only Landstar Corporate can sign rates or anything else associated with a contract.

Never expose your business to liabilities by signing a contract with a customer

Contract Administration Process: • • • • • •

Contract is received & logged Reviewed by Legal or V.P., Sales Administration Problematic contract issues negotiated with customer (Agent included in this process) If negotiation successful, contract is signed by V.P., Sales Administration, and returned to the customer for counterendorsement Customer returns fully-executed copy for filing in Pricing Administration Copy to Agent for record & reference for operations & customer service management

Important Reminder : • Generally takes 1-4 business days to review and incorporate changes (typically necessary) • You do not need to have a Contract in place to move freight. • The Customer Contract is only necessary if the Customer will not give you the freight otherwise. • Agents may NOT sign a customer contract, only a Landstar corporate officer. Agents may only sign rate confirmations which contain no contractual language. “Again Only Landstar Corporate can sign rates or anything else associated with a contract!”

CUSTOMER CONTRACT FREIGHT – Rate Quote       

Go to Enter your user ID and password Click on Money Select the Rate Request option Fill out all of the applicable fields Click on “SUBMIT” to send Rate will be e-mailed back to you

Sample Rate Confirmation

 Used for one time shipments  Shipments requiring special pricing, equipment and transit times  Agents can sign this form

Questions? Comments? Contact Information Customer Inquiry Email: [email protected] Phone: 866-993-8545 Fax: 866-807-8202

Pricing Services Email: [email protected] Phone: 800-872-9492

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