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Professional Development Program – SkillsUSA MSDE Academy of Health Professions March 2012

OBJECTIVE To share experiences of incorporating SkillsUSA Professional Development Program (PDP) into MSDE’s suggested Academy of Health Professions curriculum SkillsUSA PDP SCANS

National Healthcare Foundation Standards

SkillsUSA PDP Competency Lists

Level 2 PDP

SKILLSUSA PDP 1.2 Complete self assessment Students completed a self-awareness unit developed by Maryland State Department of Education for the Academy of Health Professions, as well as the individual learning styles in the PDP 1.2 Self-motivation techniques This unit was completed in the PDP 1.3 Time-Management skills were started in the PDP and continued as a class discussion 1.4 Define future occupations Students completed this by preparing a 5-10 minute presentation about a medical profession of interest. PowerPoint and a written essay were part of the assignment. 1.5 Cultural Diversity was addressed by a weeklong project where students had to complete a cultural assessment. Application of knowledge was demonstrated by comparing healthcare in the US to the culture being studied. The Equity Quotient test was taken in the PDP 1.6 Customer definition was completed in the PDP 1.7 Community Service was completed in the PDP. Students were asked to research/interview a group or person involved with childhood obesity. 1.8 Effective communication Students completed a 4 day communications unit in class 1.9 Job shadowing Actual job shadowing visits were limited. We did multiple career searches and interviewed class speakers. Our class discussions were centered on the attributes needed to secure & maintain employment 1.10 Employment portfolio Resumes, references and cover letters were completed. 1.11 Program competencies AHP Skills checklists addresses this section

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