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January 13, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Writing, Journalism
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A 5x5 Model Webinar • Programming - Stage 3 • Presenters o o o

• •

o o

Ginny Z. Berson Maxie C Jackson III Dick Brooks Amelia Ramon, KDNA Rob Lorei, WMNF

December 13, 2012 1pm EST

Programming-Stage 3

Programming-Stage 3

Programming-Stage 3 Signature Programming Daily/Fixed Prime Time Platform Agnostic Cultural/Civic Common Space

Programming-Stage 3

Dick Brooks Action Media

[email protected]


Programming-Stage 3 Community Radio... What's the point?

The Mission A Signature Program must epitomize The Mission

Programming-Stage 3 The Mission... Says Who?

Programming-Stage 3 Everyone writes 2-3 sentences describing The Mission Flip Chart responses

Work for consensus thumbnail agreement

Programming-Stage 3 The consensus - at this moment... A signature program as focused on The Mission

Programming-Stage 3 Northwest Communities' Education Center Radio KDNA 91.9fm

Amelia Ramon

Executive Director 509.854.2222 [email protected]

Programming-Stage 3 Northwest Communities' Education Center KDNA-FM is the only community Spanish language public radio station in the Pacific Northwest broadcasting in Eastern Washington State in the rich agricultural Yakima Valley Northwest Communities' Education Center (an affiliate of Sea Mar Community Health Centers) is the licensee for Radio KDNA The station is known as the "Voice of the Farm Worker" because at the time it went on the air on December 19, 1979, there were no other Spanish language radio stations in our service area. The station's purpose is to empower the farm worker and other disadvantaged communities by providing them with quality radio programming on issues of health, education, social injustice, human rights and provide cultural entertainment.

Programming-Stage 3 Signature Program: Noticias Radio Cadena Launched in 1979 - 33 years and counting 8:00am, 10:00am, 11:45am, 3:00pm and 6:00pm Locally produced regional, national and international news News Announcer is paid staff (also hosts 1-hour public affairs show daily)

Programming-Stage 3 1st Emergency Broadcast May 18, 1980 Mt. St. Helen's Eruption Summer 2001 Emergency Food Distribution for Farmworkers

Programming-Stage 3 KDNA News Dept. Newscaster is:

Personality in the community Often requested for events Asked to make presentations A valued part of our public relations

Programming-Stage 3 Reinforcing Cultural Values

Jardin de los Ninos Jardin de los Ninos Club Granger Cherry Fest

Programming-Stage 3 • • • •

Emerging Demographics 1990 - 2012 US Census = over 65,000 Latinos moved into Yakima County 1990 - 2011 US Census = 24% to 46% of total population (247,141) 1979 - KDNA only Spanish Language station o 2012 - 12 commercial frequencies Arbitron Fall 2011 - KDNA #1 in Hispanic Market adults 35-64 (#4 18-34)

Programming-Stage 3 Signature Program: Noticias Radio Cadena Reflects the purpose and mission of Radio KDNA

Programming-Stage 3 Rob Lorei News & Public Affairs Director [email protected] 813.238.8001

Programming-Stage 3 WMNF debuted 1979 Rob Lorei - Co-Founder

WMNF Survey Area: < 4,000,000 people 6 counties Tampa/St. Petersburg

Programming-Stage 3 Market Competition

53 Terrestrial Stations Includes NPR News/Talk Tiny Community Station 6 Religious Broadcasters 1 CHURBAN

1 Sports/Talk 4 Spanish Language Multiple Conservative Talkers

Programming-Stage 3 The Benefit of a "Great Lead-In" 9am

Democracy Now!



Programming-Stage 3 Radioactivity: We "riff" off Democracy Now! We localize Democracy Now! We conduct interviews We excerpt speeches

We carry debates We do call-ins We include "letters to the editor" Primarily local & state issues Often national & international Guest/Topics have included:

Programming-Stage 3

Programming-Stage 3 Rob Lorei is On-Air Rob Lorei is On-Screen Rob Lorei is On-Stage

Programming-Stage 3 Radioactivity Covers issues consistent w/ WMNF Mission Peace Social Justice Human Rights The Environment Diversity

Programming-Stage 3 Shrinking Media Landscape

Programming-Stage 3 Big Opening for WMNF Big Opening for ALL of US Reliable/Solid Journalism Convenient to the listener Build better program schedules Grow audience Improve public service Increase relevance

Programming-Stage 3 Dick Brooks [email protected]

Programming-Stage 3 AM Community Calendar 8-10am M-F News & Info Interview Weather Upcoming Events Music School News Trivia Question - Pop Quiz!

Programming-Stage 3 The Mission

Connect & Engage listeners with issues, stories, arts & culture reflecting the North Shore experience. To build and strengthen the community

Programming-Stage 3 Focus Statement: The AM Community Calendar exists to engage local residents and visitors in the life of the North Shore community

Core Values: • Sense of Place • Integrity • Interactive • Local Voices • High Production Values

Programming-Stage 3 Resources: Training of Volunteer Staff Interviewing Skills Story Focus & Development Writing and Performance Training of Producers Pre-Interview

Scheduling Scripting Development of Program Ideas

Programming-Stage 3

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