(Project Name) Site Safety Orientation

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Engineering & Technology, Electrical Engineering
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(Project Name) Site Safety Orientation

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Journey to Zero Zero Incidents, Zero Injuries Elkhorn’s strives to ensure that our safety culture includes: Individual Commitment to eliminating injuries, incidents, environmental impacts and errors/omissions.

This commitment involves every employee Taking Responsibility for their Own Behavior and for every employee around them.

Stop Unsafe Work Authority and Responsibility it is every Elkhorn Employee’s obligation to stop unsafe work they may observe, be planning to execute or asked to perform. Stopping unsafe work includes observing Supervisors, Fellow Employees and Client Employees

Safe Project Requirements • Safety never sacrificed for production! • Tasks completed as safe and efficiently as possible • Utilize all of your safety tools • Individual and Team Accountability • Continuous Improvement • Consistently adhering to regulations

Field Safety Tools • Stop Unsafe Work Authority Card • Behavior Job Safety Analysis (BJSA’s) • Keeping Risk Out of the Work Place KROW (BBS) • Last Minute Risk Assessment • Daily Tailgate Meetings • Weekly Safety Meetings

Safety Training • Monthly Safety Training • OSHA Topics, • fall protection, electrical safety, fire prevention, etc.

• Equipment Training • All equipment requires certification to operate • Forklifts, Manlifts, Backhoes, Cranes, trackhoe

• Special Task Training, •Confine Space, Respiratory, excavation, scaffold

Personal Protective Equipment

Site Access Control

Emergency Procedures

Incident and Injury Reporting

Medical Care Providers

Client Representatives

Permit Processes

Project Signage

Emergency Rescue Plans

Project Environmental Plan

Commitment To Safety Elkhorn Construction is asking you and all our employee-owners Do you believe that you can complete you tasks safely? Do you believe you can stop unsafe work before it happens?

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