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January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Biology, Ecology
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Based on the book “The Gates of Light: a life of Pythagoras” by Dr Mia Sperber 1st part – Feature film 2nd part – TV series 3rd part – Documentary

Filming Schedule September 2010 Locations Greece (Samos, Pindos, Meteora), Belgium, Luxembourg

Production company in Greece Inkas Film Productions/ Lilette Botassi tel: +30 210 8843661, +30 210 8237467 [email protected]

Pythagoras : the gates of light

PROPOSAL FOR A MOTION PICTURE on the life and works of the world-famous Greek scientist, philosopher and spiritual master

Copyright Mia Sperber 2008 Fountain of Life Productions Ltd (

About Pythagoras… Pythagoras was an extraordinary scientist, philosopher, politician and visionary of the Greek Antiquity. Details of his life and works, especially his spiritual teachings, have reached the myth level and a much-needed, first-of-a-kind motion picture will review in a sophisticated, comprehensive and intriguing manner the details of his amazing life and works. Pythagoras’ exceptional life story is full of spectacular details which can provide an excellent content for heart-warming, thought-provoking cinema. All themes of wide public interest are there: search for the ideal love, political intrigue, creative struggle, passionate friendships, patriotism and devotion to a cause, battle of good against evil and belief in a higher force that controls human destiny. The movie would be constructed in a manner in which the various details of the great man’s life will appear as dramatic events that will leave the viewer wondering what will happen next. Not only Pythagoras, but all the remarkable characters, men and women, kings, politicians, disciples, friends, family and lovers, that accompanied him in his life and filled-up his works, would serve as central points for the creation of an unforgettable content, all with superb cinematography and a remarkable musical background.

The Cast…

Peter Sarsgaard

Sophie Marceau

John Malkovich

Danny Huston

Rachel Weisz

Taye Diggs

Brendan Fraser

Ben Kingsley

Kristin Scott Thomas

Topher Grace

The Production Team… The Director - Raul Ruiz Rising to international prominence in the early 1980s, Raúl Ruiz has proved one of the most exciting and innovative filmmakers of recent years, providing more intellectual fun and artistic experimentation, shot for shot, than any filmmaker since Jean-Luc Godard. Slashing his way through celluloid with machete-sharp sounds and images, Ruiz is a guerrilla who uncompromisingly assaults the preconceptions of film art. This frightfully prolific figure--he has made over 50 films in twenty years--does not adhere to any one style of filmmaking. He has worked in 35mm, 16mm and video, for theatrical release and for European TV, and on documentary and fiction features. Ruiz's career began in the avant-garde theater where, from 1956 to 1962, he wrote over 100 plays. Although he never directed any of these productions, he did dabble in filmmaking in 1960 and 1964 with two short, unfinished films. In 1968, with the release of his first completed feature, Tres tristes tigres (1968), Ruiz, along with Miguel Littin and Aldo Francia, was placed in the forefront of Chilean film. A committed leftist who supported the Marxist government of Salvador Allende, Ruiz was forced to flee his country during the fascist coup of 1973. Living in exile in Paris since that time, he has found a forum for his ideas in European TV. His first great European success came with _Hypothèse du tableau volé, L' (1978)_ ; a puzzling black-and-white film adapted from a novel by Pierre Klossowski, constructed in a tableaux vivants style that tells the enigmatic story of a missing 19th-century painting. Influenced by the fabulist tradition that runs through much Latin American literature (Gabriel García Márquez, Jorge Luis Borges, and Alfonso Reyes have all been cited as influences), Ruiz is a poet of fantastic images whose films slip effortlessly from reality to imagination and back again. A manipulator of wild, intellectual games in which the rules are forever changing, Ruiz's techniques are as varied as film itself--a collection of odd Wellesian angles and close-ups, bewildering p.o.v. shots, dazzling colors, and labyrinthine narratives which weave and dodge the viewer's grasp with every shot. As original as Ruiz is, one can tell much about him by the diversity of his influences; in addition to adapting Klossowski, he has been inspired by Franz Kafka (Colonia penal, La (1970) is a Chilean reworking of The Penal Colony), Racine (Bérénice (1983)), Calderon (Mémoire des apparences (1986)), Shakespeare (Richard III (1986)), Robert Louis Stevenson (Treasure Island (1985)), Orson Welles (whose F FOR FAKE is a precursor of THE HYPOTHESIS OF THE STOLEN PAINTING, 1978), and Hollywood B movies (Roger Corman was executive producer on The Territory (1981)). Like Godard (whom Ruiz names as an early influence and who also owes a debt to B films), Ruiz makes no differentiation between the "high art" of Racine or Calderon and the "low art" of Roger Corman. Unfortunately, only a handful of Ruiz's films are available for viewing in the US, and it is on these few films that his reputation here is built. The few works that are available, however, bear witness to the genius that informs his entire body of work.

The Production Team… Production Designer - Keith Wilson Selected filmography: The Hills Have Eyes II (2007) The Ten Commandments (2006) A Christmas Carol (2004) The Blackwater Lightship (2004) "Dinotopia" (2002) Victoria & Albert (2001) In the Beginning (2000) Mary, Mother of Jesus (1999) "The Seventh Scroll" (1999) Miracle at Midnight (1998) Oliver Twist (1997) The Apocalypse Watch (1997) Supply & Demand (1997) The Little Riders (1996) "The Governor" (1995) The Old Curiosity Shop (1995) CABLE ACE WINNER Remember (1993) Stalin (1992) EMMY AWARD WINNER Fergie & Andrew: Behind the Palace Doors (1992) Amérique en otage, L' (1991) "Great Expectations" (1989) EMMY AWARD NOMINEE The Lady and the Highwayman (1989) Steal the Sky (1988) A Hazard of Hearts (1987) The Lion of Africa (1987) Gulag (1985) EMMY AWARD NOMINEE

The Production Team… Composer - Lalo Schifrin

Immensely talented, Argentinian born pianist, conductor and composer who has written over 100 scores for both television & the cinema including the memorable themes to "Mission Impossible", "Mannix", "Starsky & Hutch" "Cool Hand Luke" & "Bullitt" Schifrin has regularly worked alongside Clint Eastwood (another jazz music aficionado) on numerous contributions including the theme's to all the "Dirty Harry" films, plus (Joe Kidd 1972) & Coogans Bluff (1968). During his illustrious career, Schifrin has received four Grammy Awards, and has received six Oscar nominations. Schifrin received his classical music training in both Argentina & France, and is a highly respected jazz pianist. On moving back to Buenos Aires in the mid 1950s, Schifrin formed his own big band, and was noticed by jazz legend Dizzy Gillespie, who asked him to become his pianist and arranger. Schifrin moved to the United States in 1958 and his career really began to take off. In addition to his jazz and cinema compositions, he has conducted the London Philarmonic Orchestra, the Houston Symphony Orchestra, the Los Angelas Philarmonic, the Los Angelas Chamber Orchestra and many others. Schifrin is one of the talented and significant contributors to film music over the past 40 years, and he continues to remain active with recent compositions for the Jackie Chan films Rush Hour (1998) & Rush Hour 2 (2001).

The Production Team… Director of Photography - Ricardo Aronovich Selected filmography:

Moscow Zero (2006) Klimt (2006) Yo puta (2004) Stranded: Náufragos (2002) Kedada, La (2002) The Tragedy of Hamlet (2002) (TV) "The Dream Team" (1999) TV Series (Monaco unit) Temps retrouvé, Le (1999) Impostor, El (1997/I) ... aka The Impostor (International: English title) Désiré (1996) ... aka Désiré de Sacha Guitry (France: complete title) "Un siècle d'écrivains" - Thomas Mann: Citizen Mann (1995) TV Episode Mécaniques célestes (1995) ... aka Celestial Clockwork (USA) ... aka Mecánicas celestes (Spain) Lumière noire (1994) ... aka Black Light Radeau de la Méduse, Le (1994) ... aka The Raft of the Medusa Mangeur de lune, Le (1994) Batteur du boléro, Le (1992) Vie de Galilée, La (1992) (TV) Bonne âme du Setchouan, La (1990) (TV)

The Man Inside (1990) Nunca estuve en Viena (1989) Famiglia, La (1987) Trottoirs de Saturne, Les (1986) Longs manteaux, Les (1986) Stress (1984) Bal, Le (1983) Hanna K. (1983) Hughie (1983) (TV) Jeune marié, Le (1983) Missing (1982) Chanel Solitaire (1981) Vrijdag (1981) You Better Watch Out (1980) Ma blonde, entends-tu dans la ville? (1980) Clair de femme (1979) Écoute voir... (1979) Couleur chair (1979) Ortliebschen Frauen, Die (1979) The Outsider (1979) Recurso del método, El (1978) Je t'aime, tu danses (1977) Providence (1977) Sérail (1976)

The Production Team… Costume Designer - Ann Hollowood

Anne Hollowood has won two Emmy awards and a BAFTA TV award for her costume design work. Selected filmography: The Ten Commandments (2006) (TV) Jack and the Beanstalk: The Real Story (2001) (TV) Hans Christian Andersen: My Life as a Fairy Tale (2001) (TV) The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns (1999) (TV) Merlin (1998/II) (TV) Mother Teresa: In the Name of God's Poor (1997) The Second Jungle Book: Mowgli & Baloo (1997) "Murder Most Horrid" (4 episodes, 1994) - Mangez Merveillac (1994) TV episode - We All Hate Granny (1994) TV episode - Lady Luck (1994) TV episode - Overkill (1994) TV episode The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992) The Old Man and the Sea (1990) (TV) Nightbreed (1990) "The Storyteller: Greek Myths" (1990) (mini) TV mini-series Monster Maker (1989) (TV) Living with Dinosaurs (1989) (TV) "The Storyteller" (1988) TV series (unknown episodes)

The Production Team… Writer/Producer - Mia Sperber

Mia Sperber is a medical doctor who studied and specialised in diagnostic radiology in Europe and the USA. She has written and edited several leading medical textbooks – one of her most recent, Radiologic Diagnosis of Chest Disease, 2nd edition, was published by Springer-Verlag in New York. She also has a great interest in history, philosophy and comparative religion, and has written books and screenplays on such famous historical figures as Pythagoras, Dante Alighieri, Emperor Charlemagne of France, and Niccolo Machiavelli, all currently serving as the basis for the production of major motion pictures. Dr Sperber’s book Healing Connections: Bridging Body and Mind, published by Janus Publishing in London, deals with the power of the mind and its very important role in the healing process. Dr Sperber has also prepared a volume on the history of the healing arts, entitled Fountain of Life: Medical Arts from Antiquity to Modern Times, which is currently being adapted into a TV documentary series and was published by DWV in Germany. Other books by Mia Sperber include: The Gates of Light: A Life of Pythagoras; Dante: An Understanding of Love and Foods that made the World. Television documentaries by Dr. Sperber that are in development in the United Kingdom and the USA include The Alphabet: Hidden Mysteries; The Secret Garden: Healthy Body, Beautiful Mind and Life Equations: Science and Spirituality. Dr. Sperber travels extensively, lecturing and working towards the worldwide introduction of medical advances. With an international background and speaking several languages, she also strives to convey a message of cross-cultural complicity, of universal sharing of dreams and hopes, and the unifying base in the philosophical and cultural principles of East and West. Dr. Sperber appears on television, participates as an invited speaker at many international conferences and is a member of the British Society of Authors and of the Medical Writers Group.

The Production Team… Co- Producer/Line Producer – Greece Lilette Botassi/Inkas Film Productions

INKAS FILM & T.V. PRODUCTIONS was founded in March 1997. Managing Director and Producer, Lilette Botassi studied History of Art in France. She has worked as Production Coordinator, Location Manager and Production Manager, mostly in foreign productions shot in Greece. Since 2002 Lilette Botassi is a member of SAPOE (Independent Greek Producer’s Association). INKAS participated at the 54th Cannes Film Festival (EUROPEAN FILM PROMOTION, PRODUCERS ON THE MOVE¨ program) - as representative of the Greek Film Centre. Since Μay 2001 Lilette Botassi is a member of EUROPEAN FILM ACADEMY (EFA) and in November 2007, was Head of Department for the Greek Programme of the 48th International Thessaloniki Film Festival. From 1997, INKAS business has included: MOTHER, 35mm, french production for POLYGRAM, DORMEUIL, French production for clothes manufacturer DORMEUIL SOPHIE’ S WORLD, 35mm The Greek part of the filming of the feature film SOPHIE’ S WORLD,Produced by norwegian state channel NRK, “FOREVER THE MOMENT” 35 mm The Greek part of the filming of the feature film «FOREVER THE MOMENT, Produced by the Korean company MK Pictures, EAVE – Workshop (2004) Eave Europe Audiovisual 2004 – An Innovative professional Training Programme developing the skills of European Film, Television and Documentary Producers. Inkas was the representative of the organization of the workshop in Greece – March 2004 Filmography: POLAROID (1998) (Drama -96 mins), THE RETURN OF THE MAGUS - JOHN FOWLES (1998) (Documentary - 54 mins), AN ETERNAL LIFE (1999) (Documentary - 25 mins), ACROPOLIS (2000) (Documentary - 45 mins), LOVE TO (MEAT) YOU (2001) (Short -15 mins), STRAWBERRY FIELDS AND BEYOND (2001) (Short -19 mins), THE KING (2002) (Drama -130 mins), ANGEL’S FALL (2003) Turkey/Greece (Drama - 110 mins), VISIONS OF EUROPE (2004) 5 minutes episode from a series of 25, HOSTAGE (2005) (Drama – 105 mins), DESTINY (2005) Turkey/Greece (Drama – 120 mins), CIRCO DE LA VIDA (2005) (Short 15 mins), LAST MINUTE (2006) Hungary/Greece (Comedy - 100 mins), EGG (2006-2007) Turkey/Greece (Drama – 110 mins), THE AMBULANCE (2008) Serbia/Greece/ Germany (Drama – 110 mins), BELLS, THREADS & MIRACLES (2008) Greece/Turkey (Documentary – 65 mins), 3 NIGHTS IN NISYROS (2008) USA/Greece (Drama, 97 mins), CAROUSEL (2008) (Drama, 84 mins), RESEARCH INSTITUTES IN GREECE (2009) (Educational TV show, 13 episodes, MISSING ROUTE (2008/2010) – in development Greece/ Finland TV series, 12 episodes, 52 mins), THE STARS ABOVE (2009) – in development Greece/ Finland (Family Drama, 95 mins)

The Production Team… Director of the Documentary / George Economou Theatre and Television Director and Producer/BVM Artistic Director of the Rhodes Municipal and Regional Theatre since 2006 STUDIES OXFORD UNIVERSITY BA, MA in Philosophy Politics and Economics (PPE). THE BRISTOL OLD VIC THEATRE SCHOOL, Postgraduate Directors’ Course. FILM AND TELEVISION First assistant director, casting director, production manager and producer on numerous Greek and International productions including: BBC Fortunes of War, BBC My Family and other Animals, BBC A Perfect Spy, NBC Days of our Lives, Michael Cacoyiannis’ Sweet Country, Jean Marie Drot’s L’Enfant Fusille, Paul Arnett’s The girl from Mani, Apostolos Doxiadis’ Subterranean Route, Granada Television September Song, Yorkshire Television Out of the Shadows, Franco Zefireli Ottelo Broadcast Venue Manager during the 2004 Athens Olympics for Kanoe-Cayak slalom. Broadcast Venue Manager during the 2008 Beijing Olympics for Fencing. Director of over a hundred documentaries and shows for Greek television, with a wide variety of subjects including: The history and lives of the Greek communities abroad. (New York, Panama, Florida, Israel, Morocco, Kenya), Portraits of artists, politicians and athletes. (Rock in Moscow featuring The Rolling Stones, Marcel Marceau in Paris, The Kostakis' Avant Guard Collection, The Greek National Basketball Team, The Russian cheerleaders of Olympiacos, Sailing) Social and historical issues. (The border-guards of Prespai in Northern Greece, The Remnants of the Ottoman empire in Thrace, The Women’s Monastery of Kaltezon, Higher Education Establishments), A twenty part documentary series of parallel lives called ‘Dear Colleague’, following the lives of young as well as established people in the same profession, ranging from law and Opera, to professional boxing and football. Other subjects including: (Press and Politics in Greece, The Cannes Film Festival, The Franco-German Channel ARTE, The film studios of Morocco, Amateur Theatre on the Greek island of Skyros, Gambling and Horseracing, Coalmining and Electricity, Fashion.) I FONI (The Voice), an eighteen episode drama series, based on a novel by Greek writer Christos Chomenides.Also directed Educational films (Memories of the Persian Wars), some commercials a television play based on Pirantello’s play Belavita, a number of music videos, a, very theatrical, twenty episode cook show called Inferno, films of art exhibitions and the Greek ‘Pop Idol’ series. THEATRE Assistant Director to Adrian Noble, Anthony Page, Christopher Dennys, Glen Watford, Michael Cacoyiannis. Directed the plays, (About 20 plays incl.)Pillars of the Community, Sophocles’ Electra, Oedipus Rex, Seven Against Thebes, Perlimplin and Belissa, The Bear - Jubilee, The Line, Le Tube, Belavita, Treats, One Act Plays by Dario Fo, Crimes of the Heart, Don Kichote, Orestis, Checkov Plays, Voices from Beyond the Dark, Phaedra, Beirut Rocks, Army Leave, Family Affair, Not I. Stage Directions. George Economou has also taught film acting at the Bristol Old Vic, was a founding member of the Observer Oxford Theatre Festival (1979-1983), has worked voluntarily for the Spastics Society over the last twenty-five years.

The Production Team…

Producer - Fountain of Life Productions

Co-Producers & Casting – The Leo Media & Entertainment Group

Publicists - Dennis Davidson Associates (Stormbreaker, The Illusionist, The Last Legion)

Editor - Valeria Sarmiento (Treasure Island, Three Crowns of the Sailor)

Writers – Mia Sperber (idea, treatment and book) Mia Sperber & Stefano Pratesi (screenplay)

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