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Practical Training for Carers Provide Support to Meet Personal Care Needs

CONTENT  Understanding the client’s personal support requirements

 Providing support to increase maximum participation  Addressing personal support requirements  Recognising and reporting changes in health and or support requirements

Understanding the Client’s Personal Care Needs

PERSONAL CARE SUPPORT PLAN A personal care support plan is developed individually 

Each plan is tailored to the needs and the support required by the particular client

The plan is developed through consultation with the client

The plan can be modified to accommodate the support need of the client

What should be included in a Care Plan


Daily living activities are activities we do to keep ourselves and where we live, clean safe and organised

Personal support requirements are tasks your client may need assistance to complete

PERSONAL SUPPORT REQUIREMENTS  Personal Hygiene  Dressing and Undressing  Grooming  Oral Hygiene  Mobility and Transfer


 Hydration, Nutrition and Feeding  Respiration  Skin Maintenance







RISKS WHEN PROVIDING PERSONAL CARE What risks are associated with providing personal support to meet personal care needs? 

Risk is the chance that of something may go wrong and cause injury or damage

Risks may be present to both the client and the provider of support

Precautions can be taken to avert, modify or prevent risks

AIDS AND EQUIPMENT Using equipment, processes and aids 

Technical and operational skills need to be practiced before using with clients

Seeking appropriate support and guidance before using any equipment, processes and aids

Types of aids and equipment

Encouraging Client Participation


Confirm personal preferences that the client may have

Encourage the client to participate in his/her own support plan

Provide information that may help them to meet their own needs

Addressing Personal Support Needs

Equipment, Processes and Aids  There is a range of equipment processes and aids available to ensure clients are cared for safely and properly  An assessment usually takes place to decide what is required

Equipment, Processes and Aids Different types of equipment such as wheelchairs, mobility aids, bed 

Services within South Australia:  Technical Aid for the Disabled  Independent Living Centre

Useful website:

DEALING WITH RISK Categories of risk include:  Evidence of self neglect  Behaviours of concern  Impaired judgment and problem solving ability  Impaired cognitive functioning  Changes in health status  Home environment hazards  Social right infringements

PROVIDING ASSISTANCE Assistance you provide varies depending on the client’s needs, examples of providing personal care include  Showering  Bed Bathing  Shaving  Toileting  Eating and Drinking  Oral Health Care  Mobility and Transfer

PROVIDING ASSISTANCE TECHNICAL CARE Assistance can include technical care  Checking or changing a dressing  Catheter care  Prostheses  Ant thrombotic stockings  Breathing devices  Simple eye care

Maintaining Client’s Confidentiality, Privacy and Dignity The following are mandatory in the workplace These form part of the roles and responsibilities of an employee working in the area of providing support to meet personal care needs 1. Privacy refers to a person’s ability to control access of others to themselves and information about themselves 2. Confidentiality is about data or information , and refers to managing access to private information 3. Dignity refers to a persons pride and self respect

Reporting Changes in Client’s Health or Needs

Reporting changes in a client’s health or needs

A client’s condition and/or health may from day to day

 Note any changes  Report as is necessary  Seek advice on variations to the work plan that may be required

 Modify processes aids and equipment as required


Provide Support to Meet Personal Care Needs • Evaluate the information you have received in this session

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