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Qatar National Human Rights Committee (QNHRC)

Report on the Committee Activities 07/2009 to 07/2010

QNHRC in brief

Established in 2002 to be a legal institution aiming at human Rights protection and enhancement to every individual under the legal commitment of the State of Qatar.

QNHRC challenges and opportunities

1- Workers Rights

2- Women Rights 3- Improvement of Qatar human rights society culture

Workers’ rights Act NO./4/ 2009

Challenges: - the Guarantor system (kafalah) Opportunities: - time for the employee to settle affairs - exceptions to sponsorship. - combating human trafficking

Workers’ rights Activities for workers rights protection:

- Issuances

- Courses

- Visits

Women rights Opportunities: - full support by the political leadership in Qatar - activities of the "Supreme Council on Family Affairs"

- The appointment of the first Qatari female judge Challenges:

- distinction practices against women in workplaces - violence against female domestic workers

Women rights QNHRC Activities to enhance women rights: - Hosting the Fifth Arab-European Dialogue Forum on Human Rights n March 2010 - The meeting of Arab-European Dialogue on Human Rights (May 2010)

- training courses on the provisions of the agreement of elimination of all forms of distinction against women

Improvement of Qatar human rights society culture - Establishing programs for educating students at the Qatari

schools with the principles of human rights - launching a media campaign for spreading awareness of

the principles of human rights among families - publication and distribution of a book on the human rights

international conventions ratified by the state of Qatar


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