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CONTACT: RAVI C.P. : 98450 74073, [email protected] MINU C.P. : 99004 18191, [email protected]

PROFILE: Ravi & Minu, a Bangalore based architectural firm was established in 1998. With the support of a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals and consultants, we have completed over 200 projects in Bangalore. DESIGN PHILOSOPHY: At Ravi & Minu, we believe in enhancing the lives of the users by the power of good design. For this, we ‘listen’ well to our clients – their requirements, aspirations, the budget constraints and their time schedule. We involve the clients throughout the project life, from the concept to the finished product to ensure that the building becomes a reflection of their vision. The invaluable practical experience gained by us over the years, helps us to create comfortable sized, proportionate and adaptable spaces, thus ensuring their long-term use even when the ways of living and working change. We design buildings which are in harmony with the natural surroundings and yet, are innovative, practical and assert themselves, adding real value to the owners. Our architecture is ‘energy-efficient’ and ‘green’ to a large extent because we give importance to climatology. The right positioning of the building on the site with respect to the directions and the natural surroundings, ensures maximum natural lighting and good cross-ventilation which then makes the built space healthy, comfortable, efficient and a pleasure to live in. Our clients choose Ravi & Minu for these reasons. OUR MISSION: To serve our clients as trusted advisors and; To simplify the most complex problems with thoughtful, innovative design solutions.


In the last 11 years, we at Ravi & Minu, have worked on an eclectic mix of residential, commercial and interior projects. We are privileged to have been involved in the projects listed here. Each one is unique because of the individual requirements and inputs of the respective clients.

• • • •

GROUP HOUSING: Trinity Acres & Trinity woods: 350 units, the first-ever row-housing project in Bangalore. Spring Valley: Gated community with 30 Luxury farmhouses for NRIs on Bannergatta Road. Choice City: Conceptualized a unique group housing project (900 units), with inter-connected central green spaces and peripheral roads. Trinity Enclave: 80 units. Earliest apartment complex on Old Madras Road. Trinity Golden-Era: 100 units. Unique home for senior citizens on Sarjapur Road. Trinity Overlook: 272 units. Row-Housing overlooking the Jakkur airfield.

• • • • • •

HOSPITALITY: Kerala Ayurveda Resort: Ayurvedic treatment centre and resort in Whitefield. The design was based on the traditional and ancient ‘Nallu-kettu’ and ‘Ettu-kettu’ courtyard houses of Kerala. Service Apartment: 3-bedroom apartment on Vittal Mallya Road.

• •

COMMERCIAL: Commercial Building in Calicut, Jelitta Towers and Kristal Prestige in Bangalore.

• • • •

INTERIORS: Sanware: Office interiors (30,000 sft) for U.S. based software company in Jayanagar Sanrise: Office interiors (20,000sft) for Storage Solutions firm on R.V. Road. Wisden: Office interiors for cricket database company co-owned by cricketer Anil Kumble.

• •

RESIDENCES: Residences: Over 150 houses in and around Bangalore.


GROUP HOUSING: Gated Layout , Bellandur : Golden Village, 101 villas with amenities. Apartment Complex Project , Bellandur : 400+ apartment units with amenities. Row Housing Project ,Kengeri : Anand Terraces - 83 terraced units with amenities

   

APARTMENTS: Cambridge Road: Krishvi La Palma, 22 luxury apartments. Whitefield: Krishvi Wisteria - 96 units with amenities. Bellary Road, near Devanahalli: 4 luxury apartments..

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HOSPITALITY: Service Apartment interiors on Mission Road. Service Apartment interiors on Vittal Mallya Road. Service Apartment interiors on Bellary Road..

    

RESIDENCES: Farmhouse at Yelahanka, 1.5 acres: With Interiors. Farmhouse at Chikmagalur on 600 acre coffee plantation: With Interiors Indiranagar: 5 bedroom house for Mr. Anand. Bellandur: 6 bedroom house for Mr. Rajaram and 4 bedroom house for Mr Bhaskar.

  

COMMERCIAL: ORR road, HBR: Commercial complex for Mr Mohan. Indiranagar: Commercial complex for Mr Jolly Singh.

APARTMENT: KRISHVI WISTERIA It consists of 96 units – 2, 3-bedroom and 4-bed penthouses. Keeping in mind, the client’s requirement, we have achieved 90% carpet area and 1.5 car parks/unit. The vehicular movement is confined to the parking area, under the building, which allows for a car-free, landscaped area around and between the buildings with a walking track, children’s play area and swimming pool.

ROW HOUSING : ANAND TERRACES It consists of 83 units- 2-bed, 3-bed, 3-bed duplexes and 4-bed penthouses. The usp of this project is that each condominium has it’s own large terrace garden/s instead of balconies. The building is designed such that the terraces recede as it rises to make the project appear low rise. The vehicular movement is confined to the parking area, under the building, which allows for a car-free, landscaped area around the buildings with a walking track, public park, water bodies, children’s play area and swimming pool. The existing 43 coconut trees are left untouched.

FARMHOUSE AT YELAHANKA The Farmhouse was constructed using sadarahalli granite which was sourced from a nearby quarry. Extensive rain water harvesting and water recycling systems are in place as there is a shortage of water here. The farmhouse has been placed within the farm, without cutting down a single chikkoo tree.

FARMHOUSE ANNEXE AT YELAHANKA The Farmhouse Interiors reflect the colonial style that the client wanted. This annexe is a 1 bedroom weekend getaway. The plan has been kept open and spacious.


Trinity Acres was one of our earliest projects and the first project of Suraj Condominiums, the client. It consists of 235 units - 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom duplex apartments. It was conceived as a low-rise, row-housing project punctuated with central courts and alternating open terraces which allowed the flow of air and play of natural sunlight through the complex.


This was the first ever row-housing project in Bangalore and it took us a while to explain the design to the corporation authorities. Ultimately it turned out to be the inspiration for several other row-housing projects in Bangalore.


Trinity Woods is the sequel to Trinity Acres. It consists of 115 units – 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom apartments . This is also a low-rise, row-housing project but is different in that here, each unit has been designed around a central open, green, courtyard and has alternating open terraces, which allows the flow of air and admits natural light to all the spaces. The balconies recede away from the road, and so the complex does not appear over-powering.


Spring Valley Farm Resort was conceived as a gated community for NRIs on Bannerghatta Road. It consists of 30 one-acre farms with farmhouses and serves as a vacation retreat for the owners. The USP of this project was the aesthetic use of locally available Sadarahalli granite stone, (next to a quarry), plastered brickwork and Mangalore-tiled roofs to create spacious, comfortable farmhouses which gel with the natural green, coconut tree-dotted surroundings.


Sanware, a U.S. based software firm has it’s Indian operations in Jayangar, spread over a floor area of 30,000sft. The challenge was to complete the project in a stipulated time frame of 60 days. This was accomplished since we handled the project management as well.

KRISHVI LA PALMA 22 Luxury Apartments – 3-bed and 3 bed penthouses. All units have ample light and ventilation from 3 sides and adequate privacy.


This residence is one among, the 150 residences that we have completed. The reason we featured it here is because of the unique concept on which it was based. The site is on Charles Campbell road, Bangalore and originally, there was a run-down old house. Since the original structure was in a bad condition and had no heritage value whatsoever, we demolished it and designed a house around an old gulmohar tree, such that all the rooms of the house overlooked the tree and the garden. Initially the client had just wanted us to design the structure, but later we were asked to design the interiors as well.


We conceptualized a very unique group housing project with 900 units as row-houses, apartments and independent villas, for the Choice Group on Hosur Road. The USP of this project was that we deliberately restricted the roads to the periphery and increased the central green spaces, thus creating pollution-free and child-safe zones internally. Also, the row-housing and apartment complexes recede away from the roads as they go higher. Thus the buildings do not look overpowering from the road.

MEDLEY OF OUR PROJECTS Thank you for viewing our profile. We look forward to hearing from you. CONTACT: RAVI C.P. : 98450 74073, [email protected] MINU C.P. : 99004 18191, [email protected]

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