Recommending a Strategy - Coalition of Care and Support

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Arts & Humanities, Communications
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Integration Workshop

David Strathearn CCPS Workforce Associate Alison Upton SSSC Manager Integration Development

Covering today

Putting Integration into context

Help shape SSSC and CCPS thinking on voluntary sector workforce development issues

Draft Work Plan

Your vision for an Integrated Workforce

Integration of Health and Social Care: Implications for Workforce Development

Messages from Christie Report

The workforce must be able to provide effective services and support that are designed with and for people and communities and not delivered top down for administrative convenience

Form follows Function

Views of people who use services

 IRISS: Service Users and Carers are not concerned with

the Integration of Health and Social Care as such  National Voices: People want co-ordination, not

necessarily integration  SCIE: Outcomes as defined by people who use services

may differ from policy and practice imperatives and are a crucial aspect of understanding the effectiveness of integrated services

Public Bodies (Joint Working) (Scotland) Bill Introduced to Parliament on May 28, 2013 The aims of the Bill are focussed on;  Improving outcomes for people by providing consistency in the

quality of services,  Ensuring people are not unnecessarily delayed in hospital and

 Maintaining independence by creating services that allow people

to stay safely at home for longer

Public Bodies (Joint Working) (Scotland) Bill Introduced to Parliament on May 28, 2013  Nationally agreed outcomes will apply across Health and

Social care  Local arrangements will be made to put in place joint

accountability to Ministers, Council leaders, NHS Board Chairs and the public for delivery of these outcomes  Partnerships will be required to integrate budgets  Strong clinical and professional leadership, and

engagement with the third sector, in joint commissioning of services

Integration Outcomes • • • • • • •

Healthier Living Independent Living Positive experiences and outcomes Carers are supported Services are safe Engaged Workforce Effective Resource Use

Working Groups supporting Bill Advisory Group  Integrated Resources Advisory Group

(including workstream remits)  Joint Strategic Commissioning - National Steering Group  Human Resources (HR) Working Group  Integration Workforce Development Strategy Group  Governance and Accountability Group  Outcomes Working Group

Engaging the Workforce in Service Development

The most important learning happens at the front line where staff and service users interact. The role of management is to value and support front line staff by listening and responding to what they say needs to change.

Seddon (2008)

Challenges / Opportunities •

Affirm Social Services values and identity, promoting a collective social responsibility within an Integrated service

Enable respectful, meaningful co-production with people and communities to establish what matters at local level

Develop models of participative leadership, vertical as well as horizontal integration

What does it take to achieve this? • Shared vision - centrality of better outcomes for those who use services and their carers • Mutual willingness to change and compromise • Contribution over attribution • Workforce identity defined by what we are trying to achieve rather than by who we are • Organisational identity defined within wider system

The route to influence Adult Health and Social Care Integration Bill BILL ADVISORY GROUP Working Groups

Integrated Resources

Joint Strategic Commissioning

Human Resources

Social Services Leaders Forum HR Forum

Workforce Development


SCVO (Paul White)

Vol. Sector Representative

CCPS Voluntary Sector Workforce Development Network

Social Services HR Forum

Surrounding ‘Cloud’ of Workforce Issues Registration and Regulation

Joint Commissioning Strategies

Personalisation and Self Directed Support Austerity Funding

Safer Recruitment

Governance & Accountability

Draft Work Plan  

   

Consult with Voluntary Sector Providers Feed in findings to Workforce Strategy Group Produce Sector Position Paper Survey accessibility of shared learning resources Input to SSSC-led Shared Induction Programme Track/influence outcome measurements for ‘an Engaged Workforce’

Questions for discussion • How engaged are you and your workforce with the

agenda for Integration of Health and Social Care? • In five years time what would you want the place of the Third sector and its workforce within an Integrated Health and Social Care service to look like? • What three things will need to change / strengthen between now and then to enable this to be achieved? 16

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