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Years: (1865-1871) • GA occupied by military • Republican control • Rufus Bullock Governor

• U.S. agency that helped former slaves during Reconstruction Helped former slaves: • Set up schools, churches • Issued food, clothing • Drew up labor contracts

sharecropping: Landowner allows a tenant to use the land in return for a share of the crop produced , had nothing but their labor

both: Kept many black in the fields working after the end of slavery tenant farming: Step up from Sharecropping, tenant uses land and pays rent, whether in cash or crop, owned some tools.

Keyword: Healing Southern states had to: 1. Restore southern state as quickly an easily as possible 2. With a few exceptions all southerners were pardoned after taking an oath of allegiance to the US 3. After 10% take the oath the state could form a legal gov’t and rejoin the union

Keyword: Lenient Followed Lincoln’s lenient policies except…

1. expanded the group not given a pardon 2. Declare secession null & void 3. Abolish slavery by passing the 13th amendment 4. Cancel all war debts

Keyword: Punish South occupied by Military, three times 1. forced southern states to ratify the 14th Granting citizenship and equal protection to blacks 2. Georgia Act – returned Georgia to military control until the 15th amendment was passed giving all males the right to vote

Keyword: Freedom • ratified in 1865 • officially abolished slavery • 1st of Reconstruction amendments

Keyword: Citizenship • ratified in 1868 • gave citizenship to the newly freed men and women • forbade the state to deny equal protection under of the law.

Keyword: Voting Rights

• ratified in 1870 • extended the right to vote to all males

• Black men participated in GA politics for the 1st time • Whites outraged, used KKK to intimidate • Wanted to return control of the state to the Democrats • One quarter of southern blacks were killed, threatened, beaten, or jailed for attempting to vote.

• one of the 1st blacks elected to the Georgia General Assembly • expelled from General Assembly by whites • Later became AME bishop • helped organize the Republican party in Georgia

• Secret organization that attempted to keep freedmen from exercising their civil rights. • Used beating, lynching, intimidation, and scare tactics to terrorize blacks • Watched ballots as they were cast at the polls • Klan violence forced Congress to pass the Georgia Act returning the state to military control.

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