Reconstruction – a VERY quick overview

January 5, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Social Science, Political Science
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Reconstruction – a VERY quick overview By: Mr. Linder

Reconstruction 

A Rebuilding of our country

A reunion of our nation

A 2nd chance for the North & South

How to do it?

Lincoln’s Plan    

Re-unite Nation quickly (ASAP) 10% Plan (Lincoln’s Plan) Offered Southerners amnesty (pardon) for all illegal acts regarding the rebellion To receive amnesty – must do 2 things:  

Swear an oath of loyalty to the U.S. Agree that slavery was illegal

13th Amendment Passed Jan. 31st 1865 – Slavery is now illegal according to the constitution!

10 % Plan Continued 

Once 10% of a state made these pledges, they could form a new government & be readmitted to the Union.

Louisiana was 1st!

Wade Davis Bill – VETOED!   

  

Wanted harsher punishment on South. State had to ban slavery The majority of adult males in the state had to take an oath to the U.S. Only southerners who swore that they had never supported the Confederacy could vote or hold office. Made it harder for southern states to re-join Union. Lincoln Vetoed Bill!

Freedman’s Bureau   

In 1865 – Lincoln created the Freedman’s Bureau An agency providing relief for freed people / and poor people of the south. Helped establish more schools, jobs, homes, and medical care for blacks in the South

Lincoln Assassinated!    

April 14th – 1865 in Ford’s Theater War ended April 9th – 1865! Andrew Johnson (VP) becomes President He was a former slave holder (Democrat)

Johnson’s Plan     

Appointed temp. governor in each state. States need to revise their Constitutions Voters elect state and federal representatives New state government had to declare secession illegal Had to ratify 13th Amendment! (NO Slavery)

Black Codes / Jim Crow Laws  

 

Southern States started passing “Black Codes” or Jim Crow Laws Black Codes / Jim Crow Laws – laws that greatly limited the freedom of African Americans. (targets African Americans) Basically creating legalized slavery (pg 518) Example – KKK (Ku Klux Klan) – Formed by Nathan Bedford Forrest

Radical Republicans  

Republicans who were VERY angry about the Black Codes. Most moderate republicans thought that African Americans should have the same rights as citizens. Radical Republicans wanted the federal government to force change on the South

Radical Republicans - Continued   

Want economic and political justice for the South. Urged that racial inequality is illegal! 1866 – Congress passed the 14th Amendment.

14th Amendment      

Identified all people born or naturalized with the U.S. except Native Americans, as citizens. Citizens have equal protection under the law States cannot deprive anyone of “Life, Liberty, or Property without due process of law. Banned former Confederate officials from public office. Made state laws subject to federal court review. Gave Congress the power to pass any laws needed to enforce it.

15th Amendment 

African Americans gain the right to vote – 1869.

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