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Representation of the Female Action Hero in Multi-Platform Narrative FIRST YEAR RESEARCH


Purpose of Research  To explore how female characters transfer from

original platforms to other media forms, with reference to platform conventions and restrictions.  To analyse audience responses to female characters

to inform own experimentation with current conventions and models for creation of a new female action hero (PAR).

Methodology  Mixed methods  Empirical approach  Textual analysis  Pilot focus group  Virtual ethnography  Script for TV drama series and other text (PAR)

Existing Studies  Empowering & liberating (Innes; King & McCaughley)

 Re-working gender systems (Hill; Brown)  Re-enacting masculinity (Tasker; Clover)  Is their sexuality controlled (Brown)  Objects for voyeurism & sadism (Clover; Herbst)

Textual Analysis


Comic Book Characteristics Highly sexualised Large body shape, big breasts, big buttocks Sado-masochistic Bondage scenes In control

Film Characteristics Femme fatale Bondage scenes

Sado-masochistic Slim body shape In control

American accent

Game characteristics Marvel Heroes:  Choice of 4 x costumes  Sexualised  Violent  Russian accent Lego Marvel:  Long eyelashes  Unzipped suit  Cute

Ultimate Alliance 1:  NPC  Practical costume

Ultimate Alliance 2:  In control (voice command to team)  Sexualised  Large body shape  Russian accent

Ultimate Alliance 1 & 2

Character Summary of Black Widow  Sado-masochistic

 A key team member

 Violent

 Motivated by duty , not

 Sexualised

compassion  Recurring theme of repayment of debts  Expert marksperson  Skilled combatant

 In control, fakes being

powerless  3 x roles (on-duty, offduty, under-cover)  3 x identities?

Transferable Elements Across the Platforms

 Sado-masochism  In control  Sexualised body & costume  Background/history  Skills and abilities

Sado-masochism (actions & dialogue) Sexualisation (costumes) Background/history Skill set

Recognisable conventions of the character

Conventions become the brand of each platform

A Semiotic Approach

 Marvel Entertainment is a parent    

company owned by Disney Its products/brands are synergised across multi-platforms Black Widow is recognised by the conventions of her character Conventions become the brand If branding gives meaning to an object, then what meaning is implied through the presentation of Black Widow?

Pilot Focus Group Audience Response to Black Widow  8 x mixed gender (5:3 M/F)  Aged 17-27,  Level 3 education, existing group

Responding to:  Iron Man 2 - fight scene with Black Widow & Happy  Avengers Assemble - interrogation scene

 Marvel Heroes game play  Ultimate Alliance 1 game play  Ultimate Alliance 2 game play

EXAMPLE OF GROUP DATA Do you like Black Widow's character?

Most frequent response was yes.

Would you choose to play her as a game character?

Most frequent response was no.

Is character, story line or platform most important to you?

Most frequent response was story line.

Is Black Widow character of value to society?

Response split equally between yes and no.

Do you prefer Black Widow in comic, game or film?

Most frequent response was comic.


Are characters like Black Widow of value to society?

Gender Participant ID Responses M


"Girls, women, nowadays, it's less stereotypical, talk to a girl who's into this kind of stuff and then it's easier for them to relate. They have a strong female character for them to relate to as well. Whereas most men, their favourite character will be a man, probably"



"Yes…earlier on in the comics…most of the main heroes were all men, there weren't that many [women]"



"Role models, I suppose"



"It gives girls something that's not the typical housewife sort of image to look at"



"Not really cos she's a character. She hasn't actually done anything big. She's just been in films, comic, games"



"And the way that she's drawn and the actors they get to play her, they don't help as well"



"They create an image that everyone's got a perfect body and that's just not true"



"I think women can find it quite offensive as well"



"Some women can find it quite sexist. The fact that you boys are going, oh boobs, boobs, boobs, omg she's perfect, sort of thing. No, it's not always

Practice as Research  Experiment with conventions of traditional female

heroes  Explore whether non-traditional hero is acceptable to mainstream audience  Creation of new female hero to feature in drama script (TV series)  Experiment with character across the platforms

New Female Hero  Red Dragon, a fire-

  

breathing acrobat in the Circus of Freaks, embarks on a journey of revenge. A non-traditional female hero in terms of both appearance and characterisation. Realism in skill set and levels of violence. Involves issues of mental illness and female sadism. The heroes of the story are outcasts in society.

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