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How to address this question  Using your research into how films are

created or other examples of how the media industry carries out research you have to explain the nature and purpose of research in the industry using examples for the following areas that you need to cover and include correct terminology.

Nature and purpose of research  The nature of research or the types of

research are to do with the purpose of your research. The nature falls into two areas the types of research you carry out and the methods and sources you should use.

Types of research:.  quantitative research, eg programme ratings,

readership circulation figures, hits on a website, box office figures, sales of CDs and DVDs  qualitative research, eg film reviews, game reviews, , attitudes to media products, responses to news coverage, responses to advertising

Methods and sources of research links to whether they are qualitative or quantitative

 secondary research (books, journals, reference-based books

and directories, periodicals, newspapers, film archives, photo libraries, worldwide web, searching internet  forums, CD Rom databases, audio material, ratings, circulation figures, government statistics);   primary research (interview techniques, observations,

questionnaires, surveys, types of questions, focus groups,  audience panels, participation in internet forums); data gathering agencies, eg Broadcasters’ Audience  Research Board (BARB), Radio Joint Audience Research Ltd (RAJAR); self-generated eg, own video, audio  or photographic records of events

Always ask yourself what is the purpose of my research?  Do I need qualitative or quantitative do I need

both?  Do I need primary or secondary research or do I need both.  I.e if you wanted to research a making a film you would need to carry out what types of research and what methods?

How does this fit in with these types  Three types  Audiences research:  Market research

 Production research

Before you make the film  You would need to carry out audience

research, and find out whether your production would appeal to them, by classifying them into demographics i.e SOC, age, gender (explain what this is). You could do this by carrying out market research i.e. looking at similar products (use examples and explain). You would then carry out production research (explain what this in) i.e. costs and resources.

What to do  Use the following slides to help you, but

remember use examples explain why you would use audience, market and production research, explain what the purpose is, and how you would use a combination of all three. You might also want to talk about the limitations of bias, and how these can be overcome.

Audience research  Examples:audience classification

 (socio-economic, age, gender, sexual orientation, occupation, education); or psychographics, media preferences; product preferences; buying patterns

Market research  Examples: looking at products in the market,

competition, competitor analysis, advertising placement, advertising effects.

Production research  Examples: content, viability, placement

media, finance, costs, technological resources, personnel, locations

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