Resident and Fellow Section 2014 Recap

January 6, 2018 | Author: Anonymous | Category: Science, Health Science, Radiology
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American College of Radiology Annual Meeting & Chapter Leadership Conference Resident and Fellow Section 2014 Recap Washington Hilton, Washington D.C. 5/26/2014-5/30/2014

The American College of Radiology “Quality Is Our Image”

What is the ACR?  Originally established in 1923 as an honorary society to recognize “Fellows” with distinguished academic careers  1930’s – “advancing the science of radiology by means of the study of the economic aspects of radiology and the encouragement of improved educational facilities for radiologists”  The ACR has been the primary organization representing the socioeconomic and professional practice issues of radiology since it’s foundation

ACR Mission To serve patients and society by  Maximizing the value of radiology, radiation oncology, interventional radiology, nuclear medicine and medical physics  Advancing the science of radiology

 Improving the quality of patient care  Positively influencing the socioeconomics of the practice of radiology  Providing continuing education for radiology and allied health professions  Conducting research for the future of radiology

ACR Overview  Over 34,000 members

 Oversees accreditation

 Organizes activities by five pillars of excellence

 Publishes the JACR & ACR Appropriateness Criteria®

 Advocacy  Clinical Research  Economics

 Education  Quality and Safety

 Promotes Image Wisely & Image Gently campaigns

 Administers the AIRP (former AFIP), Radiology Leadership Institute and other CME activities

American College of Radiology Resident and Fellow Section “Lead from the Beginning”

Resident & Fellow Section (RFS) 

 All radiology residents are automatically free members during training

 Focuses on education & resources for residents  RFS e-news  RFS Toolkit

 The largest and most active RFS section among radiology organizations

 ACR RFS Fellowships

 Represents the future of the ACR and our profession

 Health Policy Milestones in Modern America

 Business Concepts in Radiology Lecture Series

 Resident and Fellow Journal Club

AMCLC 2014  “Annual Meeting and Chapter Leadership Conference”

 Held at the Washington Hilton, in Washington D.C.  Resident & Fellow Section Meeting – Saturday, April 26th & Sunday, April 27th  ACR Council – Monday, April 28th & Tuesday, April 29th  Capitol Hill Visit - Wednesday, April 30th  Attended by over 300 residents

Resident & Fellow Section  22st annual dedicated RFS meeting  Opportunities:  Learn about the ACR’s legislative and advocacy efforts and future business models in radiology  Leadership development  Network with colleagues nationwide  Meet senior leaders in the ACR  Participate in the ACR Council

5th Annual RFS Poster Session  57 posters on electronic display  Can be viewed online via the AMCLC RFS portal (

 Categories: 

Advocacy & Government Relations

Economics & Health Policy



Clinical Research

Quality & Safety

RFS Poster Winners  Case Based  Lead Author: Ivan DeQuesada, MD  Program: Emory University  Title: Central Venous Catheter Complications: A Case Review

 Economics & Health Policy  Lead Author: Nathaniel Margolis, MD  Program: New York University  Title: Imaging 3.0: How Trainees can add Value

RFS Poster Winners  Advocacy & Government Relations  Lead Author: M. Cody O’Dell, MD, MPH  Program: Florida Hospital  Title: Instituting Governmental Relations and Advocacy in the Radiology Resident Curriculum: A Pilot Study

 Quality & Safety  Lead Author: Joseph Fuller, MD  Program: University of Washington  Title: Radiology Clinical Decision Support: Evaluation of Feasibility at a Level I Trauma Center

RFS Meeting Highlights  Radiology Advocacy Network Overview & RADPAC Legislative Update 

Andrew Wu, MD; AJ Lewis, MD; Melody Ballesteros

 Leadership 

Richard Gunderman, MD, PhD, FACR

 Achieving Competency in the Health Care Economics Milestones: An RLI Primer 

Richard Duszak Jr, MD, FACR; Jason N. Itri, MD, PhD; Geraldine B. McGinty, MD, MBA, FACR; Zeke Silva III, MD, FACR; William T. Thorwarth Jr, MD, FACR

 ABR Update with Q&A  Lunch with ACR Leaders

RFS Meeting Highlights  Point/Counterpoint Debate: Radiology Residency Spots should be Drastically and Immediately Reduced 

Saurabh Jha, MBBS; Adam Kaye, MD; Neil Lall, MD; Colin Segovis, MD, PhD; Mark Sharafinski, MD

 RFS International Outreach Subcommittee Panel 

Claire Alleyne, MD, Maud Morshedi, MD, and Rend Khalili, MD

 Nonclinical Careers for Radiologists 

Sanjay Shetty, MD, MBA and Andrew Misono, MD, MBA

 Young Physician Panel: Transitioning to Life after Training  Senior Resident Panel 

Matt Hawkins, MD; Rebecca Gerber, MD; Taj Kattapuram, MD; Adam Kaye, MD; Ashley Lotfipour, MD; Tirath Patel, MD

ACR Council  Councilors represent all state and subspecialty societies  Discuss business of the College  Debate and adopt policies and resolutions  Multiple lectures focused on socioeconomic issues and radiology

AMCLC Speakers  Robert D. Moreton Lecture: Value Based Healthcare Delivery  Michael E. Porter, Harvard Business School

 Controlling Costs and Improving Healthcare, What Physicians and Employers Can do Together  Helen Darling, President of the National Business Group on Health

 Economics Forum: Demonstrating the Value of Imaging 3.0  Dr. Geraldine McGinty MD, FACR, Chair of the ACR Commission on Economics  Leah Binder, CEO of the Leapfrog Group

 Neiman Health Policy Institute: Information Evolution  Richard Duszak Jr., MD, FACR, HPI chief medical officer

Capitol Hill Visits  Visits organized by ACR and RADPAC  Over 500 radiologists participated in the 2014 Capitol Hill Visits!

 Met Members of Congress to discuss important issues such as: 

ACR supported provisions in the recent SGR patch 

Multiple Procedure Payment Reduction (MPPR)

Clinical Decision Support Requirements

Utilization Management Reforms

Medicare coverage for CT Lung Cancer Screening

RADPAC  Political Action Committee affiliated with the ACR

 Lobbies in DC to support the political interests of Radiology  Many RFS members were new contributors during the 2014 AMCLC and members-in-training are encouraged to consider donating $5/month to support our profession  Donations can be made online at or via mail

 Four winning states of the RADPAC March Madness Campaign received $500 prizes to fund residents to attend the AMCLC  Congratulations to TN, MS, NY, and AR!

Imaging 3.0  An ACR-initiated culture change  Recognizes the modern challenges facing our profession  Focuses on behaviors needed to lead our practices, patient care, and the future  Provides a roadmap for radiologists to manage the shift from volume-based reimbursement to value-based healthcare delivery

 A call to action to all radiologists to take a leadership role in shaping America’s future healthcare system

 An expanded format of our ACR annual meeting with greatly increased content and programming for all members

 The best of ACR is showcased in sessions from the ACR Education Center, Radiology Leadership Institute and the American Institute for Radiologic Pathology  Over 100 sessions covering all aspects of radiology including clinical and leadership education, advocacy, economics, informatics, research, and quality and safety  May 17-21, 2015, Marriott Wardman Hotel, Washington DC

 New for the RFS: in addition to the weekend meeting, sessions will be held throughout the week with content for members-in-training

 Website:  ACR 2015 Video:

Beyond the Annual Meeting Staying involved with the ACR RFS throughout the year

Visit the RFS website • Numerous educational resources for residents

• Information on applying for fellowships, volunteering and more! • Information on how to get involved in a subcommittee • • Contact us at [email protected] • Affirm your membership today at

ACR RFS on Social Media  Ways to participate in the ongoing discussion about the future of radiology  Follow @ACRRFS on twitter  Use #RadRes for all tweets radiology resident related

 Join ACR RFS on Facebook

ACR RFS Journal Club  Virtual Journal Club held every 2 months  Led by Dr. Geraldine McGinty, MD, FACR  Chair of the Commission on Economics (Twitter @DrGMcGinty)

 To learn about past and future events and sign up to participate, visit the RFS website: 

Get Involved in Your State Chapter  ACR has chapters in every state, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Canada  Most states have an organized RFS  If you are not sure how to contact your state chapter or would like to start a state chapter, please email [email protected]

Membership Subcommittee  Coordinates a variety of RFS initiated projects to benefit members-in-training, recent work includes:  Health Policy Milestones in Modern America Lecture Series  Business Concepts In Radiology Lecture Series  Getting Started Handbook: A Guide to Year One of Radiology Residency

 All projects remain on the RFS website 

 Anyone can become involved!  Contact [email protected] for more information

Radiology Advocacy Network  Ensures that radiology’s voice is heard at the local and federal levels  Motivates fellow radiologists to take an active role in the defense of our specialty  Spreads awareness of legislative and regulatory issues  Disseminates advocacy information to coresidents, acting as part of a sophisticated network to respond for ACR Calls to Action  To get involved, email [email protected]

ACR Radiology Leadership Institute  Mission is to provide training “to prepare leaders who will shape the future of radiology to ensure quality, elevate service and deliver extraordinary patient care”  Enrollment is FREE for residents & fellows 

 Annual RLI Leadership Summit  August 7-10, 2014

 Babson College, Wellesley, MA  Discount for RFS members

Young Physician Section (YPS) Mentor Network  The YPS has partnered with the RFS to create a network of young and early career physicians that have volunteered to serve as mentors for RFS members  Visit the website to participate


Apply for an ACR Fellowship  J.T. Rutherford Fellowship – Government Relations

 James Moorefield Fellowship – Economics and Health Policy  Health Services Research Fellowship  E. Stephen Amis Jr., M.D. Quality and Safety Fellowship

 Valerie Jackson Fellowship – Education  Radiation Oncology Resident Training Fellowship – RadOnc Research  Goldberg-Reeder International Travel Grant – Bringing Imaging to the Developing World  Visit:

RFS Executive Committee 

Andy Moriarity, MD

Tirath Patel, MD


Education Liaison

Henry Ford Health System, MI

University of Toledo, OH

Neil Lall, MD

McKinley Glover, MD

Vice Chair/Chair-Elect

AMA Delegate/Advocacy Liaison

Ochsner Clinic Foundation, LA

Massachusetts General Hospital, MA

Jonathan Flug, MD

Taj Kattapuram, MD

Immediate Past Chair

Communications Officer

Hospital for Special Surgery, NY

Massachusetts General Hospital, MA

Amy Patel, MD

Jolinta Lin, MD


Radiation Oncology Representative

University of Kansas-Wichita, KS

University of Maryland, MD

Contact us – [email protected] Elections occur annually, please consider running in 2015!

Questions???  E-mail the executive committee at [email protected]  Visit  Read the RFS E-News

 See you May 17-21, 2015 in D.C. at ACR 2015

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