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Rowville Institute of the Arts Information Evening

A day in the life of RIA

Year 7  2011 Structure Eng/SOSE Maths/Science LOTE (Italian) PE/Sport Ed Technology Arts Performing Arts – Drama, Music, Dance Visual Arts – Visual Art, Visual Comm. & Design Total Core Instrumental Music Program (additional cost)

10 periods 13 periods 6 periods 4 periods 4 periods 23 periods

60 periods 20 periods

Years 9 & 10 Core Eng/SOSE Maths/Science LOTE (Italian)* yr9 only Personal Development PE/Life Skills Arts Visual & Performing Specialism Project Enhancement Sequence* (except Music)

10 periods 12 periods 6 periods 6 periods 2 periods 12 periods 4 periods 6 periods 8 periods

Year 11 & 12 • A selective VCE course offered at the Eastern campus to cater for students who wish to pursue a predominantly Arts based VCE. • Students can access a broader range of subjects by choosing to travel between campuses.

Pastoral Care • Years 7 to 9 Significant Teacher Yr 7 – Peer Support Staff – Team leaders • Year 10 to 12 Senior School Team MIPs co-ordinator Careers co-ordinator

Curriculum Delivery • Curriculum programs are designed and delivered by qualified teaching staff within their area; supported by external professionals in all areas of the performing and visual arts.

OPPORTUNITIES OFFERED TO DATE: -Workshops with various visiting artists specialising in – watercolour, chalk pastel, cartooning, installation art - ‘Suade’ music workshop - Master Blaster Recordings – portable recording studio - Excursions and workshops to National Gallery of Victoria (International and Ian Potter) & Heide Gallery • - Excursion to Top Arts exhibition & lecture series - Excursions to ‘Billy Elliot’, ‘West Side Story’ • - Excursions to Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) - Participation in Knox Festival Project each year (2011 – ‘On the ball’, 2010 – ‘Identity T-Shirts’, 2009 – ‘Sneaker Project’)

Selection Criteria • Artistic ability • Positive attitude & application to academic studies and developing skills in their artistic field • Passion for the Arts • Commitment & motivation • Process – 150 word essay, if short listed, audition (performing arts) or studio session (visual arts)

Application Process http://www.rowvillesc.vic.edu.au

RIA application forms

Platform •Rowville Times •Sports Academy Newsletters •Platform

Key Dates for 2012 Enrolments Applications due Tuesday 14th June 2011 Auditions – last two weeks of term 2, 2011 Interviews if required Early term 3 Notification of outcome of application –Early Term 3, 2011

Auditions • Dance – students come prepared with 1 min solo in any style; Songs to be on CD. Students will learn a short dance phrase at the end.

• Drama – students to come prepared with a 1 – 1.5 minute monologue. Students will be asked to participate in improvisation games as well as a cold read of a script.

• Media – students to come prepared with a folio of their best work. Students will then participate in a skills drill.

• Music – present two contrasting pieces. CD and mp3 backing may be used, or a piano accompanist. Plus play/sing a major scale in the key of C, F or B flat.

• Visual Arts – students to come prepared with a folio of their best work. Students will then participate in a skills drill.

RIA Uniform • The RIA uniform that will be supplied (paid for by the school) includes – RIA track suit pants RIA Polo shirt RIA Dance Top RIA Apron Additional Optional Items for purchase RIA Jacket; RIA Dance pants This uniform is for the RIA project day and RIA performances • All RIA students will need to have full RSC uniform for all other days. Students will also require a full RSC sports uniform as well.

Frequently Asked Questions • What are the fees for RIA? – Answer: An annual fee of $1050 Inclusions – All excursions and incursions – RIA uniform (track pants; polo shirt; dance top) – Specialist class materials – Art folio; art apron – Internet credit and printing credit – Publications – school magazine – Diary – Combination lock

Exclusions - Any camps or overnight activities - Instrumental music program tuition - Booklist items - Stationery - RSC College Uniform and Sports Uniform - SRC fundraising events

• How are students assessed? – Answer: Students are assessed formally and informally as per mainstream. Through performances, tests, assignments etc.

Frequently Asked Questions • Will the student be able to switch back into mainstream? – Answer: The curriculum is designed to ensure continuity with mainstream, to minimise any disruptions should the transfer into mainstream occur.

• Will my child have to travel between campuses? – Answer: The travel between campuses may occur throughout the VCE studies, however students in years 7 to 10 will not be required to travel.

Questions from the floor

Applications • Expression of Interest forms/Application forms can be downloaded or collected at the door this evening. • An Expression of Interest form or an Application form is to be submitted along with a copy of the most recent report and the 150 word essay. Please return to Kerri in the RIA / RSA office (14th June)

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