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DesCartes / The Curriculum Connection

NWEA Knowledge Academy

Intended Accomplishments • Review • The RIT scale

• RIT scores and percentile rankings • Score ranges and goal scores • Learn to read and interpret different reports

• Use data to focus instruction • Overall RIT • Michigan Ver. III Goal performance • DesCartes Learning Continuum and Lexile • Develop a plan for using the data


Instructional Level • The NWEA test is not a test for determining mastery of skills. • It provides a road map for students toward achieving mastery.

This test provides the instructional level of the student. 3

Design of Measures of Academic Design of Achievement Level Progress (MAP) Tests (ALT) • Challenging and appropriate  Challenging, appropriate and for every student dynamically developed for every student • Assesses what we teach Adult Reading Graduate Level Reading  Accurate data for students across the • Untimed x x scale• Purpose is internal x  Untimedaccountability x x 8th 5th x x x x x  Purpose is internalgrowth accountability • Measures in student Grade xx Grad x e achievement  Measures growth in student x x achievement  Immediate results Beginning  Can test up to 4 times a year / it does Literacy not change the price


- - + + + + 230 +




RIT (Rasch Unit) Scale • Achievement scale • Equal interval • Used to show growth over time • Scale has the same meaning regardless of the students’ grade level or items taken

Graduate Level Reading

MAP 25 Test 0-








x x x x x x x





+ + + +

- 230 +




Beginning Literacy

15 0


Checkpoint! • How would you describe a RIT? • What does “equal interval” mean? • What are the major strengths of NWEA assessments?


Never use only one point of data

Triangulation MEAP / MME / ACT Teacher (Common Assessments, Dibels, DRA, Benchmarking, etc)


Placement Guidelines A RIT is only one piece of the puzzle for making important decisions.



Sample Teacher Report



Sample MAP Teacher Report p. 2

Sample Class Report (Final)


Score Range – confidence band

Sample Math Teacher Report p. 2 12


Percentile – grade level dependent (NWEA norm) 13

RIT vs. Percentile RIT

RIT Range % ile

Percentile Including Hi, Av, Lo

Not grade level related

Grade level related (NWEA norm) Sample MAP Teacher Report p. 2 14

Summary Goal Information Teacher Report – Mathematics Spring 2002 Grd 5


What are expected RIT and growth scores?


What does the standard deviation tell us? Standard deviations (Std.Dev.) are indicators of the academic diversity of a group of students.

Sample Math Teacher Report p. 2 17

Larger standard deviations . . . • Indicate that the group is more diverse. • It is likely that small group instruction is more appropriate in these areas than whole group instruction.

Lower standard deviations ...  

Indicate that students are most alike in this area. Large/full group instruction may be appropriate. 18

Think about… Would we expect the standard deviation of a class to change from fall to spring?

Why or why not? 19

RIT Score

- Breakdown by 10 point RIT bands

Sample Math Teacher Report p. 2 20

Student Goal Performance Goal Descriptors

RIT Range Scores

(Teacher OR Class Report)

(Available on class report only)

MAP Coordinator must ORDER on Report site

Scavenger Hunt Use your student’s data! • • • • •

Which student has the highest score? Which student has the lowest score? Which student has the median score? Which goal area has the highest mean? Which goal has the lowest standard deviation?


What does “Goal Performance” mean? • Goal scores are percentiles based on the entire group of students in the norming study at each student’s grade level. • They tell how a given student compares with others in this whole group. • For example, if a student is at the 70th percentile, it means that 70% of the students in that grade level scored lower than this student.


Goal Score Descriptors

Goal scores Scores • Hi = Percentile greater than 66 • Av = Percentile scores between 66 and 34

• Lo = Percentile scores less than 34 • Hi > 80 percentile

On Student• Progress • Reports • only

HiAvg = 61-80 percentile

Av = 41-60 percentile LoAvg = 21-40 percentile

• Lo < 21 percentiles 24

Identify Class RELATIVE Strengths concern Strengths and/or Areas of Concern Teacher Report – Mathematics Spring 2002 Grd 5

22 2

21 0

22 0

Look for a difference of 3 or more RITS Sample Math Teacher Report p. 2





Strengths and areas of concern comparing the performance of this group of students to their own mean/median.

Sample District Reports pp. 6-7


Differentiated Instruction Ladder Subject: Reading

Goal Strand: Comp. Informational Text State Standard (Concept and P.O.s): Concept 1-Expository Text PO 1. Restate the main idea (explicit or implicit) and supporting details in expository text. PO 2. Summarize the main idea and critical details of expository text, maintaining chronological or logical order.

RIT Range: 231+

Group #3 Bill Katie Ivan Joyce Polly Alan

RIT Range: 211-220

Group #2 George Megan Sarah Nate Josh Betty

RIT Range:
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